This fic contains some suggestive content. Reader discretion is advised.


Look!" Doan exclaimed. Solanna moved her eye towards the diamond. She looked through it. She was amazed by what she saw. She saw stars. They were surrounding what the Lekronian astronomers called, a planet. The world of Mirthvarr was a planet, too. What Solanna saw was a beautiful blue and green planet. It was one of the grandest things she had ever seen. And then she saw the gigantic black cloud heading towards it. It was a little ways away from the planet and would probably take a couple of days to reach it. But it would get there. Solanna wasn't sure what it would do, but she was sure, it wouldn't be a good thing.

Earth, one day later...

Jaden walked toward his car. He and his girlfriend, Korey were going to go and have lunch together. Jaden hopped in the car. His girlfriend worked where they were eating, so she would already be at the diner. Jaden had they day off from his low-paying job of grocer. Stupid recession. His best friend, Griffen, and one of Jaden's friend's who was also Griffen's girlfriend, Adrienne would be picking them up. Jaden hopped in his car and drove off.

Jaden pulled into Adrienne's driveway and honked when Griffen and Adrienne came out the front door. They got in the backseat of the car.

"You guys have fun?" Jaden asked.

Adrienne asked in reply,"What do you mean?"

"Well you had your boyfriend at your house," Jaden replied.

"Pervert," Griffen joked. Jaden smirked. They pulled into the diner parking lot of the best diner ever. The Burger Stand.

The friends got out of the car and went into the diner.

"Hey, Jaden! What's goin' on?" asked Donny, the diner's owner. But Jaden wasn't paying attention to Donny. Because what he saw tore him apart inside. He saw Korey stand up from a table and give a young-looking guy that had been sitting across from her a kiss. She then turned around and saw him staring at her. Jaden looked at Griffen and Adrienne, and by the bewildered look on their faces he could tell that they saw what happened. They all speed-walked out of the diner.

"I'll drive." Griffen solemnly said. Jaden passed him the keys, and then proceeded to the back seat, while Griffen and Adrienne sat in the front. Griffen drove on as the radio meteorologist said something about a very large solar cloud coming tomorrow. Just another somebody rambling about something that'll never happen, Griffen thought, just like those 2012 idiots.

The cloud arrives in the next episode.

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