Solanna paced around her room. It was that time of week again. She was heading out to the village. She had somebody she was eager to talk to. Her secret messenger had brought her a message from her friend, Doan, that he had made a great discovery. One that could change the world's, Mirthavarr's, view of life. Can't imagine what that might be, Solanna thought to herself. Doan was a good person, but had a bit of an overactive imagination. She was waiting for her guard to give her the all-clear signal. She had her guard in on her weekly secret trips to the village, too.

Her father didn't approve of royalty interacting with the commoners. Her father, by the way was the king of the kingdom of Lekron. Her father is a tyrant.

I know that's a terrible thing to say, she thought, but it's true. Three knocks came on the door. That was the all clear signal. Solanna left her room a snuck into the entrance hall, grabbe her disguise from behind a plant, and stalked out of the palace and into the bushes next to the palace. She changed into her disguise and headed out into the village.

Her disguise consisted of a tan smock, a brown cape, and a hood. This would help her fit in with anyone who might recognize her. Only the people she trusted most, would she reveal her true identity to. She needed to hurry up, Doan would be waiting. It was time to see what this was all about.

Solanna walked through the village untill she came to a small shack. She knocked on the wood.

"Come in", came the voice of a feeble old man. "If you brought what I asked for."

"Yes, I brought your antor wine and zarknot diamonds," said Solanna.

"Good, good. Come in then," said Doan. Solanna entered the shack and handed the wine and diamonds to Doan.

"So, what was your big discovery?" Solanna asked. Wordlessly, Doan grabbed a bowl, poured some wine in it, dipped a diamond in it, and placed the diamond in some sort of cylindrical contraption.

"Look!" Doan exclaimed. Solanna moved her eye towards the diamond. She looked through it. She was amazed by what she saw. She saw stars. They were surrounding what the Lekronian astronomers called, a planet. The world of Mirthvarr was a planet, too. What Solanna saw was a beautiful blue and green planet. It was one of the grandest things she had ever seen. And then she saw the gigantic black cloud heading towards it. It was a little ways away from the planet and would probably take a couple of days to reach it. But it would get there. Solanna wasn't sure what it would do, but she was sure, it wouldn't be a good thing.

To be continued in the next chapter.

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