Mirrorfox Pinball Land (Known in japan as Foxy Pinball mirror and in europe as Super Foxwing Ball) is an upcoming game simular to mario pinball land. it even features enemies and bosses from that game, too.


unlike the first 2 games, there is no story. it is just a normal pinabll game.


Goombas (Normal Enemies, Will try to charge at you)

Koopas (will try to shell toss at you)

Pokeys (will try to send segments at you)

Shy Guys (will try to flail at you)

Boos (will try to scare you)

cheep cheeps (will try to float into you)

Cobrat (will try to fling you off a stage)

Fly Guys Will try to charge into you)

Cooligan (will try to slide at you)

Ice Lava Bubble (will try to fly into you)

Mr Blizzard (will try to freeze you)

Sir Bee (will try to sting you)

Lakitu (Will try to throw spinies on you)

Spinies (will try to follow you)

Bullet Bills (will try to follow you before exploding)

Chain Chomp 9will try to eat you)

Bagle (will try to take a heart away from you)

Bob-omb (will try to follow you untill exploding)

Monty Moles (willt ry to run into you)

Thwomp (will try to crush you)

Koopatrol (they will try to guard a door with a star in)


Petey Piranha

King Pokey

Gooper Blooper

Ice Master

King Blargg



W1: The grass/Mountain world

W1-1 - The pinball adventure Begins!

W1-2 - Undergorund Cabins

W1-3 - The Parkside to the mountain

W1-4 - Wallop Mountain

W1-5 - Bolder cliff's

W1-6 - Petey's Mountain Castle

W2: The Desert World

W2-1 - Desert Hyjinks

W2-2 - The Sphinx of Pinball

W2-3 - sandstorm Bother

W2-4 - A Tall Tower On a Lone Desert

W2-5 - King Pokey's Tower

W3: the Forest/Water World

W4: The Snowy World

W5: The Jungle/Lava World

W5-1 - Jungle Rythem...

W5-2 - Wild River

W5-3 - A Chase To Remaber...

W6: The Sky World

W6-1 - Gateway To Bowser

W6-2 - Sky Rinks

W6-3 - At Last! Bowser's Castle

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