Current Age Immortal
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign Pieces
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Miran Vida is the oldest remaining vampire in the Zaxinian Lifts, and the "maker" of present-day General Syande. Her existence in the Lifts is overshadowed by the vast number of potential vampire hunters, having forced herself to hide away in the shadows. Having lived for centuries and having witnessed the transitioning of Zaxina into the universe it is today, she had been driven mad by the countless days she spent alive and had spent most of her recent free time at casinos. Compared to most, Miran has a perfect memory, able to recount pretty much anything that happened in her history thanks to keeping a consistent autobiography of her life.


Miran is vicious and dangerous to approach, and is openly critical about most people she sees to the few friends she has. Miran is quite sensitive, she shifts her attention whenever she hears something as soft as the drop of a pin. She can appear often confrontational and isn't comfortable with how ignorant people are about the state of the world, which is getting worse and worse in her opinion. As most of her "gifted children", however, she's playful and mischievous, although her measures are much more drastic than like Syande for example.

She speaks with "V"'s rather than "W"'s and seems to have a childish manner in her speech, although this is due to improper practice of the English language and she doesn't intend on that. With her trouble with learning new skills, she had been unable to move on from her Engrish and as such she often struggles when speaking to her friends. Because of how she can say a bunch of her words wrong, she is always careful to make sure she says the right things around the right people, or she can start a storm.


What Miran lacks in a friendly personality comes in a wide arsenal of abilities, even without the usage of weapons. She can fly at supernatural speeds and dive at enemies upon sight, able to fell them without an issue. Catching and taking down foes is not a problem, as she had been training for literally hundreds of years to perfect her techniques. Like the typical vampire though, she must bite into her opponents to have blood and she must avoid sunlight, for it damages her skin.

Compared to most other vampires, she does have a unique ability that actually contradicts her own weakness: fire. With careful technique, she can spread fire around her and light fields aflame. Using this element, she can create pillars of it and send them off as reckless tornadoes that knock foes off course or burn them real badly. She can also unearth supersonic screeches from her body that deafen and mentally damage foes around her to hear her use such a technique.

Relationships with Other Characters


Miran and Syande never had much of a chance to speak, as Syande was too young to speak and Miran fled after she was detected by various peoples. But upon meeting each other again at Valerie Heartgold's casino, they were friendly and became close friends, although on Miran's request they kept this a secret from everyone else. They currently date, although Syande is a little fearful about dating because this is the latest of her numerous partners and she doesn't want to mess up this relationship.  She also displays a fear of Rubelline acknowledging the relationship due to what she knows of her personality.  Miran's fine dating Syande, although feels somewhat weird about it given her extremely young age in comparison.


  • Following unsuccessful relations with Brook and instances of self-held jealousy towards Rubelline's mate Crow and whoever else, Miran is Syande's fourth major partner to date, and her seventeenth overall, and thirty-seventh if we're counting fakes.

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