Mint Kingdom
Mario Map
The in-game Map from New Super Mario Bros. U-X
Current Capital Mint City
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. U-X
Current Ruler Princess Lavender, formerly Trizer
Current Inhabitant(s)
Mintos (species), Humans, Rekka Brekkas, Fraazmas
 The Mint Kingdom is the location in New Super Mario Bros. U-X. It is an alternate dimension equivalent of the Mushroom Kingdom although a few years older.

TV appearances

The Mint Kingdom has yet to make a TV appearance

Game appearances

New Super Mario Bros. U-X

The Mint Kingdom is the main location in New Super Mario Bros. U-X, taking place for most of the game. The land contains 8 Worlds.

  • Midnight Woods
  • Crystal Dunes
  • Salmon Ocean
  • Cotton Swamp
  • Gold River Jungle
  • Grayscape Mountain
  • Temporal Lightning
  • Trizer's Domain

Of these locations each has or had some form of civilization on it.

Midnight Woods is home ot the Great Vine Flower Tree which once protected the Lavender Castle. Midnight Woods are also home to Mint City which is where the Mintos call home as well as the origin of the fissure between Mint City and Toad Town. Lavender Castle is located atop a hill surrounding Mint City overlooking it. To the west is part of the wall of Trizer's Domain, to the South the land has a steep drop connecting to Temporal Lightning while to the North the land becomes Desert connecting to Crystal Dunes.

Crystal Dunes was once home to the technologically advanced Brick Face species. However the land came under a great perpetual Sandstorm which has made it impossible for them to continue and the Brick Face species reverted back to nomadic tribal people. Crystal Dunes is home to the Mythical Pyramid, supposedly the last great monument of the Brick Face people. To its south is becomes plains connecting to Midnight Woods, to the West is part of the wall to Trizer's Domain and to the North is the Granite Beach connecting to Salmon Ocean.

Salmon Ocean is home to the Pengini a semi-disciplined group of Penguin like creatures who live in the Salmon Ocean. Though normally peaceful they are very agressive to intruders of their territory and will attack with hostility and without mercy. There was once a tale of an ancient evil which dwelled deep within the Frozen Abyss however excavations made by Trizer yielded nothing, lending him to create a base of operations for Salmon Ocean in the Frozen Abyss. To the South Salmon Ocean is halted by part of Trizer's Wall while it also is connected to the Crystal Dunes by the Granite Beach. To the West Salmon Ocean connects ot Cotton Swamp where the water changes from saltwater to Brackish and Fresh.

Cotton Swamp like Crystal Dunes once was home to a highly advanced species, being the extinct Cottaloros who were cotton-like beings who were able to control the wind as well as plant growth. The Cottaloros created structures that floated on the water which to others looked like magic. However when Trizer gained power the Cottaloros were quickly killed off due to their potential of rebellion. With nothing to hold the buildings up anymore they sunk into the water with most no longer visible except the Sunken Palace and its Towers. To its East, Cotton Swamp connects to the Salmon Ocean where the water becomes Salt Water. To the south is part of the wall of Trizer's Domain and to the West is the Gold River Jungle.

Gold River Jungle was once under control of Mint City as a refinery for water and metals. However it was overrun by Trizer's forces some time after Trizer's rise to power. While the refinement of the Water and Metals still occur their pipes have been heavily broken to the point that the Metals mix back into the water, hence the Gold Rivers. To its East, part of the wall of Trizer's Domain lies as well as Cotton Swamp while to the South is a steep ascent to Grayscale Mountain. Gold River Jungle also has had a purple discolouration due to the Gold River tainting the trees colouration from their normal Cyan colouration.

Grayscape Mountain was also once under the control of Mint City like Gold River Jungle. It acted as a mining facility which would send the metals via the Gold River to get refined. However since Trizer's rise to power the place has been taken over and discoloured the mountain due to the pollution it is creating. The creatures of the mountain have also become hostile because of this pollution. To its North, Grayscale Mountain has the Gold River Jungle as well as part of the wall of Trizer's Domain. To its East lies a sharp drop and Temporal Lightning.

Temporal Lightning is a cloudy location which in reality is a great chasm however when the Temporal Distortion Castle was built it was able to manipulate Time and Space creating a permanent cloud layer which protected  it from falling. To ensure it would not fail the creators of the building made it so the building would never fall no matter who controlled it. It is commonly believed that beneath the clouds lies a portal to a dark world where the spirits of the dead reign supreme and supposedly thrive of those who fall below the clouds. For Temporal Lightnign, to its East is Midnight Woods, to its West is Grayscale Mountain and North is the main gate of Trizer's Domain.

Trizer's Domain is a fiery location filled which is home to the evil king himself. Trizer himself is protected in his fortress and has many defensive barriers to stop intruders. His army is a force to be reconned with as there is no limits to his power, the land around Trizer's Mega Castle consists of mostly Lava although has had a steam cloud form from Salmon Ocean water leaking in, A volcano formation in the East and the collection bay for the metals from Gold River Jungle in the west. Surrounding the area itself is the Great Stone Wall of Trizer which has only one Entry on its South Side connected to Temporal Lightning.


In accordance with old Mintos manuscripts the Mint Kingdom formed a few decades before the Mushroom Kingdom meaning that Trizer had more time to rule over the Kingdom before Antonio and Carlo arrived. Due to their cowardice, Antonio and Carlo were unable to stop Trizer and thus allowed Trizer to become the supreme ruler of the Mint Kingdom with no contesting. Before their arrival Trizer had control over the Mint Kingdom for a while and had caused the extinction of the Cottaloros, mined the Frozen Abyss and gained control over the Gold River Refinery and Grayscape Mining Complex. He also was able to make footholds with the Mythical Pyramid, Great Vine Flower Tree and Temporal Distortion Castle.

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