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Minions Melee (name not final) is a fighting Mario spin-off, only featuring the enemies from its series. The game is planned to be released in early 2015 for the Nintendo Wii U.


The gameplay is basically like Super Smash Bros. series, however, with Mario enemies instead. Not much information has been talked about.

Playable enemies

Known moveset


  • Neutral Special Attack: Bite - Goomba chomps anyone who is captured by its sharping teeths.
  • Side Special Attack: Prickly Goomba - Goomba hides inside in its spiked chestnut shell and rolls. You can change the direction of this move.
  • Up Special Attack: Parawings - Goomba gains wings, and, with this move you're able to fly around for some sceonds. You're also able to use Micro Goombas for damage.
  • Down Special Attack: Goomba Shoe - Goomba jumps inside a shoe and smashes straight downward into the ground when used, and releases a star on either side, providing minor protection against nearby enemies. If used on the ground, Goomba will jump forward before dropping down.
  • Final Smash: Goomboss - Goomba grows larger and transforms into Goomboss. Goomboss will act slowly, but it deals 15% damage per stomp. Other Goombas will also randomly appear through the stage, giving 4% damage.

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