Mining Quest isn't just one game. It is a series. WaddleInc. announced that another Mining Quest game would come out. Here is the series so far.

Logo Game System Storyline Release Dates
LogoA Mining Quest Wii U, Waddle Omega

Miner Man was digging in the mines. He heard a glistening sound behind some rocks, so he took his pickaxe out and mined the rocks. There was a Legendary Emerald behind the rocks! Miner Man attempted to mine it and he failed. Suddenly, Ttam (Miner Man's enemy) appeared. He stole the Legendary Emerald and shot some weird bomb at Miner Man, and he fell asleep.

Miner Man woke up looks around. He isn't familiar with the place, so he asks some villagers where he can stay. They say they will build a house, as long as they have got wood and bricks. Miner Man puts on his mining helmet and equips a pickaxe, and off he goes to the mine.

25px-Flag of Japan02/02/2016
25px-Flag of USA18/02/2016
25px-Flag of Europe29/02/2016
25px-Flag of Australia01/03/2016
The logo Mining Quest: Darkness Awakens Wii U, Waddle Omega After Ttam was killed, Miner Man returned back to Earth Town. When the villagers heard the news, they were quite happy that all threat was gone. Until a storm started.... A shadow of a king appeared. Then it slowly "walked" up to Miner Man. Once it got to him, it attempted to kill Miner Man, but Green stopped the shadow, and it disappeared. Miner Man was lying on the ground asleep. He was thinking about what to do. Then he had an idea. He had to find more powerful ore to break the barrier in the sky, that was around the shadow's castle.

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