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Mining Quest
Developer(s) WaddleInc.
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) Wii U, Waddle Omega
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan Japan: 02/02/2016

Flag of USA America: 18/02/2016

Flag of Europe Europe: 29/02/2016

Flag of Australia Australia: 01/03/2016

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: E10+Rating Everyone 10+
PEGI: 7Rating Ages 7 and older
CERO: CERO A All ages
Genre(s) RPG, Sandbox
Series Mining Quest
Mining Quest is a game where you dig and find treasures, along with monsters. The enemy fighting is like an RPG. Its not an endless sandbox game where you can mine for as long as you want, like Minecraft. This game has a story.


Miner Man was digging in the mines. He heard a glistening sound behind some rocks, so he took his pickaxe out and mined the rocks. There was a Legendary Emerald behind the rocks! Miner Man attempted to mine it and he failed. Suddenly, Ttam (Miner Man's enemy) appeared. He stole the Legendary Emerald and shot some weird bomb at Miner Man, and he fell asleep.

Miner Man woke up looks around. He isn't familiar with the place, so he asks some villagers where he can stay. They say they will build a house, as long as they have got wood and bricks. Miner Man puts on his mining helmet and equips a pickaxe, and off he goes to the mine. 



Name About
MinerguyMiner Man Miner Man is one of the main characters. He can be customized. He uses a pickaxe to dig down underground and find treasures. If he encounters an enemy he equips a sword that he finds on the ground. Once you get a Quartz Crystal you can team up with a new character that is to be announced. His real name is revealed at the end of the game.
OtherguyBluey Bluey is a character who wears blue, hence his nickname. No one knows his real name. He can be unlocked by giving him one Quartz Crystal. Once you do that, he can use his bow and arrow to attack enemies.
UhuhmanJoe Joe is a character who knows how to create potions. He can make three potions before you unlock him. They are: Healing (Red), Stamina (Blue), Invincibility (Yellow). He can also just give you milk to heal a bit. To unlock him, you must give him one ruby, two sapphire, three emerald, and four amethyst. He can be unlocked pretty late in the game, but if your lucky you can get him before Bluey. He mainly attacks using magic spells. The spells can be quite useful, but he doesn't have his healing potions or stamina potions.


Name About
TtamTtam Ttam is Miner Man's enemy, and the main villain of the game. In the opening he puts Miner Man to sleep so he can take him to another world. He did this due to all the treasure he wanted. His right eye is also gone for some reason. He says it is his secret in the last cutscene.


Name About
FancypantsThe Mayor The Mayor of the town Miner Man woke up in. He says he "can't" join your party because he's too busy being fancy. After the first cutscene, he says that Miner Man qualifies for the "fancy" person of the week. He can give you information although, so he's not 100% fancy!
GreenMinerGreen Green is Bluey's older brother. He is training to become a knight. He still knows alot about skills. Bring him gemstones for sword specials. He's also bald, like Miner Man.


Name About Attacks Stats
PurpleMan2Purple SpiritMiningQuestFight1 Purple Spirit uses not much attacks, but has alot of defense. You have to hit his head to do damage. Purple Flash, Spirit Tornado, Stun Slam, 60HW Heart Container (HP)

2091px-MagicalShieldArtwork (DEF)

PlasmPiranahPlasm Piranha The Plasm Piranha is rare, and has a lot of health. When you get him down to 0 damage, he bursts into little plasm bubbles, having ten each. Absorb, Plasm Shot, Plasm Jab 90HW Heart Container (HP) / 10HW Heart Container (HP)

591px-MagicalShieldArtwork (DEF)



  • Information about gems can be seen here.
  • Information about gates can be seen here.
  • Information about locations and areas can be seen here.
  • Miner Man's page is here.
  • Ttam's page is here.
  • 2 - Player Competition is here.

amiibo CompatibilityEdit

amiibo give Miner Man custom costumes.

Name Uses
MarAmiibo MarioMario The Mario Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +2 defense.
Name Uses
MarAmiibo LuigiLuigi The Luigi Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +2 magic power. Useful when using special attacks.
Name Uses
MarAmiibo ToadToad The Toad Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +3 agility.
Name Uses
MarAmiibo YoshiYoshi The Yoshi Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +3 power.
Name Uses
MarAmiibo BowserBowser The Bowser Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +1 effect damage, and +1 power.
Name Uses
Amiibo BowserJrBowser Jr. The Bowser Jr. Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +1 power and +1 defense.
Name Uses
Amiibo LinkLink The Link Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +2 power and +2 agility.
Name Uses
Amiibo KirbyKirby The Kirby Amiibo unlocks a new costume for Miner Man. This costume gives Miner Man +1 effect damage and +3 defense.

Updates / AnnouncementsEdit

These are major updates (like adding alot into it).

Version Number Date Description
ALPHA 1.0 December 30th, 2015 Put to development. (Miner Man added)
ALPHA 1.1 Janaury 2nd, 2016 Amiibo compatability.
ALPHA 1.2 Janaury 29th, 2016 New sub-pages, and new materials.

Announcements for new characters,enemies,modes.

Date About
Janaury 7th, 2016

2 new characters announced, along with 2-Player Competition mode.

Limited Editions of the GameEdit

Japanese Golden EditionEdit

This version of the game includes a golden costume for Miner Man and friends. You will also get DLC two-player levels with the purchase. It should be coming to Europe, America and Australia in a few weeks.

Party EditionEdit

This version of the game is only on sale on the release week of the game. It includes a party hat costume for Miner Man and pyjamas (for some reason). You also get free trophies for your Trophy Gallery by buying this edition. (To see normal edition trophies go here.)


  • In Japan there is a golden edition of the game, including a golden costume for Miner Man, Bluey and Joe. Buying this will also unlock you DLC two-player levels with the purchase of the game.
  • When Miner Man finds Quartz, he picks it up like how Link picks up the Triforce.
  • A demo version of this game is available in the Waddle eShop, but only goes up until you unlock Bluey.