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Mini Robots is a game for the Wii U. In the game, you can control all sorts of different robots. Each Robot has a special ability. This game was made from Piranha Plant Inc.


10,000 years into the future, the floating city of Robotica is suspended by anti gravity crystals. But one night, every one of those cystals was shattered inexplicably. The humans were too scared of the surface, so they sent out ScoutBots. The ScoutBots were to retrieve the only other anti-gravity crystals on the planet. Each anti-gravity crystal is guarded by a great beast, so the ScoutBots must use each of their different abilities to defeat them. Good Luck!


This game plays like a mix of Pikmin and Super Mario Galaxy. You use the Wii U controller to see different combos you can attempt, and all of the crystals you have collected. You use the - button to switch between ScoutBots, and each ScoutBot has it's own way of attacking. Each ScoutBot also has it's own life bar, wich will switch when you change Bots. Pods called save pods let you save your game and refills all of your bot's life.


Red ScoutBot

Blue ScoutBot

Green ScoutBot

Yellow ScoutBot

Brown ScoutBot

Orange ScoutBot

Silver ScoutBot (Event)



Proffesser Samuel

Proffesser Mary

Guardians of the Crystals

Shadow Theif

Scout Abilities

Red Bot-Double Jump, Does more Damage

Blue Bot-Water Cannons, Underwater Swimming

Green Bot-Spinning Blades, Can fly in tornadoes

Yellow Bot-Can pick up heavy objects, Does more damage

Brown Bot-Can dig in soft dirt, Can enter pipes

Orange Bot-Can throw bombs, Can break certain enemy's armor

Silver Bot-All Powers!


It is rumured that a sequel will be released soon. It is said to be "darker" than the first game.


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