Miner Man is the main character of Mining Quest.

Miner Man


Miner Man
Full Name Matt
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Iron Village
Main Weapon(s) Shining Sword
Height 1m
First Appearance Mining Quest (2016)
Latest Appearance Mining Quest (2016)

In the first cutscene of the game, he appears without his helmet asleep on the grass. When he wakes up he looks around. He isn't familiar with the place, so he asks some villagers where he can stay. They say they will build a house, as long as they have got wood and bricks. Miner Man puts on his mining helmet and equips a pickaxe. He then heads to the mine. He looks back at the village and waves as he enters.


  • Miner Man seems to have no mouth.
  • Miner Man's sword can do the most damage in the game if charged enough times.
  • When Miner Man finds Quartz Crystal, a cutscene plays. He picks up the Quartz and holds it up as if Link would hold up the Triforce when he finds it.

Trophy Information

Note: Miner Man does not appear in any Fantendo Smash Bros. games, Fantendo Resort, or any others. This is just my design of his trophy.

Image Info

Miner Man
Mining Quest (2016)

A miner who used to live in Iron Village but while he was mining, he got put to sleep and was taken to another world. All he can do now is mine up gems and metals to open up gates, and attempt to defeat his enemy. His dream is to find the most valuable gem in history.