These are all the Crafting Recipes for Minecraft U by category.

Basic recipes

Item Name Usage Materials needed Recipe
Chest Stores items/blocks in a 27 space area. 8x Wood Planks (any kind)
Crafting Table Allows the player to craft items in a 3x3 grid. 4x Wood Planks (any kind)
Furnace Smelts certain objects; must be fueled somehow. 8x Cobblestone
Stick Used in the crafting of several objects. 2x Wood Planks (any kind)
Stick Recipe
Torch Used to illuminate areas with light; can be used as fuel for furnaces.

1x Stick

1x Coal/Charcoal

Wood Planks Used as fuel, building material, and a crafting material. Any amount of Wood.

Weapon recipes

Item Name Usage Materials needed Recipe
Sword Does 5-8 hearts of damage to a mob.

1x Stick

4x Wood Planks (any kind)/ Iron Ingots/ Cobblestone/ Gold Ingots/ Diamonds

Wooden Sword (Minecraft U)
Bow Does 9 and a half-10 hearts of damage to a mob.

3x Stick

3x String

Arrow Fired from a bow; can be used for dispenser ammo.

1x Flint

1x Stick

1x Feather

Tool recipes

Armor recipes

Food recipes

Redstone recipes

Item Name Usage Materials needed Recipe
Pressure Plate
Weighted Pressure Plate
Note Block
Piston/Sticky Piston Used to push blocks; Sticky Pistons can bring them back.

4x Cobblestone

3x Wood Planks (any kind)

1x Iron Ingot

1x Redstone Dust

Redstone Lamp
Redstone Torch Used to send a Redstone Signal; provides low-level lighting.

1x Redstone Dust

1x Stick

Lever Used to send a Redstone signal by turning it on or off.

1x Stick

1x Cobblestone

Tripwire Hook

1x Wood Planks (any kind)


Daylight Sensor
Trapped Chest
Redstone Repeater
Redstone Comparator Used as both an inventory checker and a non-delayed repeater.

3x Redstone Torches

3x Stone

1x Nether Quartz

Miiverse Tablet Allows players to post to Miiverse in-game.

5x Iron Ingots

2x Buttons

1x Glass

1x Redstone Dust

Miiverse Tablet
Redstone Holder Used to stop redstone signals.

1x Wool (any color)

2x Iron Ingots

1x Redstone Dust

Redstone Holder

Misc. recipes

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