Minecraft Party
Teaser (Minecraft Party)
Minecraft Party Teaser
Developer(s) Wikiboy10 and Frog (Fantendo),Mojang AB
Publisher(s) NewFantendoLogo
Platform(s) PC,Mod
Release Date(s)
12 Players,Wi-Fi
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party Game, Family
Series Minecraft
Media Included Downloadable Mod

EDIT IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION OR WORK WITH ME. SUGGEST AN IDEA IF YOU WANT Minecraft Party is a virtual party game developed by Fantendo's Wikiboy10 and Frog, and Mojang AB and published by Fantendo on The PC on Steam and a mod for Forge. It is based off the famous sandbox game, Minecraft and uses a few characters from the game and popular YouTubers as well. The game can be played with 4 players but can also be CPU-Controlled. The game plays similar to the Mario Party Series but adds new features. The player has to use a slot machine to get to the end of each map as the story progresses. Loot acts like money in this game and if the player finds a banker, they will have to give them loot. If a player gets 1000 loot they will have to fight the boss and receive the command block. Other information in the gameplay section.


The gameplay in Minecraft Party plays a whole lot similar to Mario Party, but adds new elements. Up to 4 players have to use a slot machine. The machine gives spaces out for players similar to dice. It can rolled up to 1-8. The goal is to collect the most loot on a board. If a player collects 50,500, or if their last turn is on the player or computer they will have to play a minigame. Whoever loses in a minigame will get 50% of their loot given to the winner. If the player lands on a lab space they can use their special powers. More info can be found below.


  • Story Mode:

Story Mode is the first mode available when starting the game. It has a storyline and contains 5 boards. However, in the Minecraft Story Mode DLC, there are 8 boards instead of 5. Multiplayer can not be played here. The DLC can be bought after playing chapter 1 of the regular mode.

  • Party Mode:

After beating Chapter 1 of Story Mode, the player can unlock the party mode. The player can play up to 4 players. They will have to setup their controls however. They can also setup rules and a player's custom skin can also be used. (Will have the same powers as Steve). Online Mode (Steam/PC Only): This can not be played on the forge mod of Minecraft. Unlike Party Mode, the player can connect up to 12 players and can create their own boards.

  • Triva Mode:

Can be played up to 2 players and is unlocked after beating the regular story mode. They can answer questions about the development of Minecraft or Minecraft itself. If the Minecraft Story Mode DLC is bought and is completed they can answer questions from Chapter 1-5 of the original game.


The Powers will be labeled at the right of the character.

Art Name Description
MP Steve Steve (Unlocked at Start) Steve is the quiet miner who woke up on an island and using his knowledge alone survived and defeated The Enderdragon. His ability is Pickaxe.
MP Notch Notch(Unlocked after Chapter 1 Notch is the creator of Minecraft, the world that Steve and other players inhabit. His ability is Golden Apple.
MP Dinnerbone Dinnerbone (Unlocked After Chapter 1) Dinnerbone is another developer of the Minecraft world. His special ability is Mob Spawner.
MP Spider Spider (Unlocked after Chapter 2) One of the Spiders in Minecraft. They are much larger than average spiders. His special ability is Web.
MP Zombie Zombie (Unlocked at Start) Zombies are the walking corpses of unfortunate players. This one's special ability is Zombie Hoard.
MP PigZombie Zombie Pigman (Unlocked After Chapter 2) The mutant pigs that roam hell, A.K.A The Nether. This Zombie Pigman's special ability is Nether Friends.
MP Creeper Creeper (Unlocked After Chapter 3) When the sun sets, these creatures come to obliterate everything. This Creeper's special move is TNT.
MP Herobrine Herobrine (Unlocked after Chapter 1) The dead brother of Notch, who's soul now haunts players in the world of Minecraft. His special move is 666.
MP Sethbling SethBling (Unlocked after Chapter 2) Sethbling is a player who is very skilled with engineering machines with redstone. His special move is Redstone.
MP Cow Cow (Unlocked After Chapter 3) Cows are passive animals in the world of Minecraft that give milk and beef. This cow's special move is milk.
MP Sheep Sheep (Unlocked After Chapter 3) Sheep are wooly, passive creatures in the Minecraft world, that provide wool to players. This Sheep's special move is Wool.
MP Stampy Stampy Stampy is a player who made a small city with his friends, eating cake and fighting googlies along the way. Stampy's special move is Cake.
MP Noob Noob Noobs are weakling players who suck at most things, but somehow seem to survive anyways. This Noob's special move is Bush.
MP Troll Troll Trolls are a clan of players who create havoc and chaos amongst players and mobs alike. This Troll's special move is Random Move, which involves him stealing someone else's move.
MP Enderman Enderman (Unlocked After Chapter 4) Endermen are mysterious creatures that teleport around. This Enderman's special move is Ender Pearl.
MP Girlfriend Girlfriend (Unlocked After Chapter 4) Girlfriends are mods who were created when players tried to clone themselves and failed. They now roam the world, looking for a companion to give them a rose. This Girlfriend's special move is Flowers.
MP Cactus Cactus (Unlocked After Chapter 4) Cactus was created when SethBling was working with redstone, and created a character that had one purpose: To fight. Cactus' special move is Prickle Sword.
MP GAC Golden Apple Cow (Unlocked After Chapter 5) Golden Apple Cows were also created by players, making them mods. They provide Beef and Golden Apples. This Golden Apple Cow's special move is Golden Beef.
Wither Skeleton (DLC)
Jesse (DLC)


There are also stages, with bosses inside.


Mini Games

  • Minecart Panic - A Free-For-All mini-game in which players are riding on a looping minecart track while TNT spawns on different parts, you can speed up and slow down to avoid being in the TNT's radius, but if you crash against another minecart you will be stunned. This game requires precise timing and coordination to avoid being blown up.
  • TNT Lit - A Multiplayer mini-game in which the player should take turns to lit the TNT. The can lit up for 3 times per turn, but don't blow the TNT up!
  • Redstone Wiring - A Take-Turn mini-game in which the players should wire the Redstone to the door. There is timer. If the timer is off the player loses. The should fill in the Redstone like a puzzle.
  • A boss minigame against the Skeletons. They shoot arrows, standing on a huge mountain in front of you. You have to press the button at the right time to block. Then you must try shooting them off.




Suggestion Thread

The suggestions thread

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