Minecraft 2: Whether You Craft, or Dungeoneer
Developer(s) Mojang
Publisher(s) Mojang
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, PC, Xbox 360
Release Date(s)
November, 2013
Classic Mode (Creative, Survival, and Hardcore) Story Mode, Single-Player (Minecraft 2 edition with: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative) RPG mode, Multiplayer mode
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (Violence)
Genre(s) First Person, Sandbox, RPG, Action-Adventure
Media Included Minecraft
Minecraft 2: Legend of Herobrine or simply Minecraft 2 is the sequel to Minecraft, the critically acclaimed and extremely popular sandbox game.


Classic Mode

Classic mode has the player playing the modes from the original Minecraft, Survival, Creative, and Hardcore. The player is only able to use the tools, blocks, etc. from the classic Minecraft with the items introduced in Minecraft 2 being unavailable in Classic Mode. Multiplayer Servers are still available to the player, though.

Survival Mode

Creative Mode

Hardcore Mode

Dungeoneer Mode

Story Mode




Creepers act exactly the same as the original Minecraft, creeping up on you and trying to blow you up.

Nether Creeper (New!)

Creepers only found in The Nether, when blown up, they leave behind a pile of lava, making them extremely dangerous. Drops Nether Disk (Unlocks "Screw the Nether")


They are neutral mobs that won't attack unless one looks at them afterwards, they will teleport while trying to attack. Just like the original Minecraft Enderman. Drops Ender Pearl


They will follow and attack any player, if attacking a Villager, there's a chance the Villager will be infected and turned intp a Zombie. Drops Rotten Flesh.


Skeletons walk around with a bow and arrow and will fire arrows at any player it sees


Spiders, like Creepers, don't burst into flames during the day, they are extremely aggressive towards the player, leaping out at them. At daytime, the Spiders are no longer aggressive.

Cave Spider

Cave Spiders are just a recolored variation of the Spider mob found in caves and mines.

Spider Jockey

A rare occasion when a Skeleton spawns on top of a Spider, a Spider Jockey is created. A Skeleton rides a moving Spider around while shooting arrows at the player while the Spider tries to pounce at you at the same time.

Zombie Pigman

The Zombie Pigmen, the inhabitants of The Nether, act neutral towards the player until one of their own is attacked, then they charge and attack.


Ghast are found in the nether. It is said they cry because there trapped in the nether.


Icicle Zombie (New!)

Found in the Antarctic Caves Realm, the Icicle Zombies are just like Zombies, but can freeze the player by biting them.

Jungle Creeper (New!)

These Creepers are found in Jungles and are great at camouflage. They are extremely dangerous.

Icicle Creeper (New!)


Wolves can be tamed into dogs by use of a bone. If not tamed, they are neutral mobs that travel in packs. The pack won't attack unless provoked to attacking the player.

Lion (New!)

Herobrinion (New!)

Herobrinions are the main minions of Herobrine. They seems to resemble a shadowy Notch with glowing red eyes.

Enderchild (New!)

Miniature versions of Endermen. They are weaker than they're parent Endermen and less threatening.

Dark Knight (New!)

Carl/Werewolf (New!)

Werewolves existed in the original Minecraft, but only through Mods. Now, the Werewolf is an official Mob in the game. At daytime, the Werewolf appears as a man with rags known as Carl. It is possible that Carl's name is a reference to Tobygames' Minecraft videos on YouTube. Drops Tools.

Satan (New! Boss)

There is now a boss battle within the Nether. The Boss battle is a tough fight where Satan will throw fire at you and is able to spawn Ghasts around him.

Ender Dragon (Boss)

In the Ender realm, AKA The End, The Ender Dragon awaits you for a battle. It was the final boss and only boss in the original Minecraft, but in this game, it is a mere normal boss.

Kronos (New! Boss)

Kronos is the new boss of the Aether Realm, wherre he has taken over the heavens, Kronos is most likely based off of the Kronos of Greek Mythology, in the same way Satan is based off of christianity.

Creeper Dragon (New! Boss)

The Creeper Dragon is the Creeper equivalent to the Enderdragon. It is found within the Creeper Realm and is the second-to-last boss of Story Mode and the Final Boss in Survival Mode.

Herobrine (New! Boss)

Herobrine has now became an NPC and is the main antagonist of story mode. He can be seen glimpsed once in a while in the story mode leaving behind threats to you. At the end of the story, he will have to be fought as the final boss. Herobrine mode can also be activated, where he will roam your world. You can choose "Stalk Mode" where he will follow you and if he was to be approached, he would run away. Then there's "Trap Mode" where Herobrine will set up traps to try to kill you.


Cows are passive mobs that don't attack whatsoever. If killed, they drop Raw Beef and/or Leather.





The NPC Villages are home to Villagers. They are able to trade items with you and if enough Villagers join a Village, an Iron Golem may appear and protect the Villagers from Hostile Mobs.


Chicken are passive mobs that seem to serve the purpose of being killed as they drop Feathers and Raw Turkey for the player.


Goat (New!)

Deer (New!)

Rhinoceros (New!)

Rhinos are neutral mobs who won't attack unless the player attacks members of it's herd.

Bear (New!)

Bears were found in mods on the original Minecraft but are now, like many other creatures, is now an official mob in the game. They are neutral, only attacking the player if one was to attack the bear.

Iron Golem

Iron Golems' main purposes are to defend Villagers from hostile mobs that attack the villages.

Snow Golem

Snow Golems throw snowballs at hostile mobs but are quite weak compared to the Iron Golem.