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Minecraft 2 is a game made by Pheonix Fire. It is similar to original minecraft, except now it has a different story, new biomes, new dimensions, enemies, ores, materials, weapons and so on. And it also takes place further in the future so it has more advance villages now called cities. The enemies have also evolved over the years and you are now a different person. 



A village is a very common structure found in all biomes. The Villages have been quite improved compared to the original Minecraft. For example theres now farms there, windmills, etc. The villages are very old fashioned compared to other structures





This creature is a creeper head with 3 legs on each side. It is medium sized and are dangerous. It has a much bigger explosion than creepers (x2 explosion) and is less common. It drops TNT now rather than gunpowder


A more buff and powerful Enderman. The Endergiant can now only spawn from The End or can come out of obsidian. If obsidian randomly is about to break, an Endergiant is going to pop out of the obsidian. The Endergiants drop Eye of Ender.



The Nether is back with new enemies and new landforms. The Nether is now more interesting, it now has many more colors than the original. It still has red however it includes: Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Black. There are now biomes in the nether as well and you can indeed live in them.


This is a majestic dream like world that is pretty much the opposite of the Nether. It has unique creatures as well that do heavenly things. It also has no mobs that can potentially hurt you, and because of this it makes it difficult to be able to make a portal to the Yumen.

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