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Minecraft: Version Two is a V2 remake of Mojang's popular sandbox video game, Minecraft. Regardless of the title, it is not the Minecraft 2.0 update per se. It is instead treated as its own thing, with several functions, blocks, etc. that make it stand out from the original game.


Players begin in a random area in the world. In Survival Mode, they must gather as many supplies as possible so they can survive the night, which is when a variety of monsters begin to spawn.

In Creative Mode, the player has unlimited resources and the freedom to build whatever they want with ease. They cannot take damage, and can fly around as a quicker way to reach specific areas they wish to build.

Hardcore Mode is essentially a more difficult variation of Survival. If the player dies, they cannot respawn, and must delete their world and start fresh, even if they have gone as far as The End.

There are also a few minigames you can play; however, these are separate to the main game.

  • Battle pits players against each other on a certain map, where they must look for chests and take items out; they can then use them against opponents.
  • In Prop Hunt, players are split into two teams. The members of one team disguise themselves as objects found in the game and hide; the other team must find them and kill them.
  • In Cops & Robbers, one player is chosen as the cop, and the other players (the robbers) must do what he/she tells them to do or die. The robbers, however, must find a way out of prison without looking suspicious. The robbers win if at least one of them makes it out alive.


  • Using Fallen Cloud, players can upload their own custom skins and texture packs into the game.
  • The game permits use of amiibo figures.
    • The Steve amiibo stores world data inside, so you can transfer worlds between V2 systems.
    • The Creeper amiibo summons a Friendly Creeper, which releases shock waves that defeat hordes of enemies quickly. It stays in the world for 30 seconds; after that, you cannot use it again for five minutes.
    • Super Smash Bros. amiibo figures can be used to create a pre-made world based on the character. The higher the stats, the harder the world is on Survival.

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