Minecraft: The Pushy Update is a major update for Minecraft, and is technically known as 1.11. This update mainly features on a new gimmick known as "Push Block", and it allows you to pull or push blocks by holding down Right Click and moving forward. However, this update has a lot more to offer than it's one gimmick. This update is being made by LegendaryIce


  • Palm Wood
  • Palm Planks
  • Palm Stairs
  • Palm Slabs
  • Palm Door


  • Carts
  • Boat with Sail


  • Bluestone


  • /time goto (USAGE: /time goto 1 will take you one day into the future, or doing -1 will take you 1 day into the past, allowing for easy backups)


  • Campsites

Found randomly in forests

  • Ghost Towns

Villages found in Mesa Biomes and Desert Biomes

  • Witch Towns

Witch towns are magical villages found in Swamp Biomes. The villagers consist of Witches and Wizards (new).

  • Sky Cities

Sky Cities are villages found in Extremely Hills Biomes. They have 


  • Volcano Biomes


  • Coconut


  • Owl
  • Birdpersons
  • Wizards


  • Block Push
  • Available Voice Chat Room for those who want it
  • Moving maps from Compute to Console and vice verse
  • Minecarts can connect using Rope, creating trains.


  • End Spear

A spear that can be received via End Cities. You may find one in the ground at the spawn of an End City, as a sort of comngratulation on beating the game. It's the strongest weapon (Attack Damge - 13).


  • Banners can be placed on boats to make sails
  • Different types of slabs can now be place ontop one another (EX: Oak Slab can be placed on Cobble Slab)
  • Blocks can now be placed on carpet.

What you see now is only a sneak peek as to whats to come. I'll tidy up the page soon, with tables. I'll do it in about 2 weeks.

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