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Minecraft: The Dimension Update is a major update for Minecraft, otherwise known as the 1.13 update. Its primary focus is the five new dimensions that have been introduced, and features new mobs, blocks, etc.


  • Sycamore Wood
  • Sycamore Wooden Planks
  • Sycamore Wooden Stairs
  • Sycamore Wooden Slabs
  • Sycamore Door


  • Insectica: Home of a wide variety of bugs. To enter this dimension, you must place twelve sunflowers in a square, all facing inward, and toss a Potion of Flight into the middle.


  • Greenstone: Similar to Redstone, but it can be placed through on doors, window panes, etc.


  • Potion of Flight: Allows you to hover in the air for some time.


  • Doom Plains: It is always raining and thundering here, so monsters will always spawn in this biome. Ogres, Goblins, and Vampires can be found, as well as Sycamore Trees.



  • Ogre: Will charge after you with an iron sword. It is faster than a Creeper, but slower than a Baby Zombie. Can survive during the day, even in other biomes. It may drop iron ingots upon death. It has six hearts.
  • Goblin: Often found in groups, which will attack you on sight. They are as fast as Baby Zombies, and will surround you. It drops leather clothes upon death, and it has three hearts.
  • Vampire: Its bite inflicts both Bleeding and Poison effects. There is a 30% chance that it will drop a Vampire Tooth when you kill it. The vampire has seven hearts.
  • Leech: Often found in lakes and ponds. It will latch onto you and take your health for itself. The only way you can kill it once it is attached to your body is with Flint and Steel, but it has 1.5 hearts when it spawns.
  • Ant: When a player steps on an anthill, 10-15 ants will come out and deal damage. They have 0.5 hearts each.
  • Fire Ant: They live in red anthills, which are only found in mesas. Their bites inflict a Poison effect for two seconds, and each fire ant has one heart.
  • Bee: Some trees will have beehives from which bees will appear. If destroyed, the bees will fly towards you and try to sting you. However, it automatically dies after it stings. A bee has 0.5 hearts, and it will not show up in rain or thunder.
  • Wasp: Unlike bees, wasps live in nests within roofed forests and can sting without dying. They still do not appear in rainy/stormy weather.


  • Heatstroke Spider: Acts like a normal spider, but its pounce can also cause a three-second burn. It has four hearts.
  • Pyrocreeper: A red Creeper whose explosion will set everything within a five-block radius on fire. It is the size of a Wither Skeleton, and has five hearts.

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