Mind Over Matter is an Adventure game for the PS3 being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It stars a young girl who was given psychic powers by a dying wizard who said that she must restore balance to Earth.



Gameplay & Controls

During the course of the game, you control a 14-year-old girl named Brittany who was given psychic abilities by an old, dying wizard as she fights her way through the evil D347H's traps and minions. At the start, her powers aren't very strong, but as you continue on through the game, they become even stronger. She has the abilities of Mind Reading, Clairvoyance, Fortune Telling, and Psychokinesis. As you defeat enemies and gain XP, she has the ability to expand her powers and make them stronger.

  • L - Move
  • R - Target item for Psychokinesis power.
  • X - Float Jump.
  • Square - Hold to read minds.
  • Circle - Brace yourself.
  • Triangle - Use Clairvoyance.
  • R2 - Pick up object with Psychokinesis.
  • R1 - Push object with Psychokinesis.
  • Hold in L2 - See the future.
  • L1 - Hold to sprint.


  • Brittany - The protagonist.
  • D347H - The antagonist.
  • KI113R - D347H's right hand man.


Mind Reading

Holding in Square will make Brittany read the minds of enemies or bosses, often revealing their weakness. Sometimes they'll say something funny. Upgrading it will increase your chances of them revealing their weakness. If an enemy has high intelligence, it will be hard to reveal their weakness.


When Triangle is held in, Brittany will activate her Clairvoyance powers. By using this, she can see further into the level and see what kinds of enemies she'll be fighting next. She can also keep an eye on timed level counters. Upgrading it will let her see from the start of the level to the end of it.

Fortune Telling

Holding in L2 will let Brittany look into the future so she won't be taken by surprise. It takes a very long time to do this, so make sure all enemies are cleared before using this power. Upgrading it will make it possible for the future to be good, so it will assist her.


Her main form of attack, aiming with R and press either R2 or R1 will make Brittany pick up enemies and throw them. She can also pick up inanimate objects like boulders to slam against enemies. She can even use enemies to slam each other into. Upgrading it will increase the damage.

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