Mind Flower
Mind Flower New
The Mind Flower's Newer Appearance
Item Type Power-Up
Kind of Item Psychic-Based
First Appearance Unknown



The Mind Flower has two appearances, the old version and new version. The two Flowers differ slightly in capabilities although retain the same name and basic functions.

Original Version

The Old Mind Flower was almost identical to the Fire or Ice Flowers however posessed a Pinkish-Red colouration to its middle and outer rings. The rest of its body was identical to the Fire Flower.

New Version

The new version of the Mind Flower has a drastic change in appearance with the Leaves being replaced with see-through crystal, in addition the outer ring has also been replaced with see-through crystal which the player can actually see the stem through. The middle ring remains Pink like the original although the stem is also Pink now, in addition this is one of the few Flower Based Powerups to posess a different number of eyes, in this case posessing one instead of two.


The original and New Mind Flowers have different capabilities although function relatively similarily.

Original Version

Mind Mario can lift up enemies using Telekinesis, Mind Mario can also move objects to build bridges, build walls, build stairs and he can levatate for breif moments.

New Version

In this version of the Mind Flower, Mario is able to pick up enemies using Telekinesis similar to the original version however cannot lift up bosses or Mini-Bosses (but can lift up their projectiles). In addition Mario can now Pacify enemies by making a single enemy at a time stop attacking Mario, this can include deactivating lit Bob-Ombs.