Full Name Mincemeat
Current Age 50
Gender Male
Species Piranha Fish
Location Regtok Isles
Align Bad
Current Status Active
Class Boss
Main Weapon(s) His mecha suit
Voice Actor(s)
Jim Cummings (SVA)
First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2
Series Skip and Sqak
Mincemeat is one of the main antagonists of the series. He is a tiny, ill-tempered piranha fish who uses a robot to walk on land. Much like Gizmo, Mincemeat has a goal of becoming rich which in this case is by illegally setting up mines in the bottom of the ocean floor digging for minerals.

He debuted as a minor villain in Skip and Sqak 2, and later appeared as one of the Main Villains of the TV Series, Sunny Villa Adventrures.

Main History

Skip and Sqak 2

Vexter relies on P0W3R batteries for his newest weapon to spread his invasion across the entire world. However, since he was aware about Skip and Sqak's escape, he fears the duo will steal the batteries so he offers one to Mincemeat to charge it. Mincemeat charges the P0W3R battery inside his submarine deep down in the bottom of the sea trench, where his mine is set up.

Since the gang need P0W3R batteries in a plan to infiltrate the Cage Fortress, Skip and Sqak caught up to the piranha fish and the three fight in the submarine's control room. The pair defeated Mincemeat and retrieve the P0W3R battery but the villainous fish to press the submarine's self destruct button before he escapes into an escape pod. After Skip and Sqak escaped the submarine on time, Vexter admonishes Mincemeat for failing to protect the P0W3R battery.

Other Appearances

Skip and Sqak Racing

Mincemeat appears as an unlockable character for Team Regtok. In this game, he only wears a miner helmet and is equipped with a steering wheel to control his sole vehicle, the Fish Tank.

Sunny Villa Adventures

Mincemeat appears as an antagonist of this TV Series. In the show, he usually comes up with nefarious plans to destroy lands to set up his mining post to gain more money. He first appeared in the show's seventh episode "Tylo-Sore" where he plots on sinking Mayor Cheatsy's new cruise boat and steal many expensive artifacts inside using his mechanical Tylosaurus, but luckily he was stopped by the Island Defenders and Mayor Cheatsy who discovered his plans while hunting down the Tylosaurus.