Mimi official

Mimi's official artworks for Super Mario Revival.

"The Count, his son did this? Golly, I didn't know he had a son!"
Mimi, Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion

Mimi is a villainous minion of Count Bleck who first appeared in Super Paper Mario. She has a violent and cruel temper and uses her appearance as a cute and innocent girl to lure travelers into becoming slaves. She possesses the ability to shape-shift, often taking the disguises of Merlee and other characters, hence her name, that is derived from the word "mimic". Her true form is that of an evil robotic spider, seen during most of the battles against her.

Powers and Abilities

Mimi has a large number of powers. The most notable are Mimi's shape shifting ability and the invincibility that Count Bleck gave her. She has numerous powers that involve her beloved Rubees and can also transform into a spider-like form.

When in her spider form, she can shoot Rubees at the heroes; she can spin around the room with Rubees surrounding her, in a very similar manner to a gear or a saw. When in her girl form, she can form a barrier of 4ubees around her. In both forms she can cause a wave of Rubees to come out of the ground, dealing damage to anything it touches. Like Mario and Dimentio, Mimi is gifted with the ability to flip to 3-D. Mimi can also float in the air, fly and warp to different locations.


Paper Mimi

Mimi would eventually get her own game in the Paper Mimi artillery game franchise.

Super Mario Revival

Mimi appears in the anime Super Mario Revival in Episode 9: Paper Revival. She is one of the many villains revived by King Polarite in his attempt to find the Shining Treasure. Mimi is sent by Vayal to kill Mario and his friends. After a battle with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Rosalina, Mimi is defeated and is turned good again.

Super Mario Revival (RPG)

In the RPG game based off the Super Mario Revival anime, Mimi appears as a boss, being one of the villains revived by King Polarite. She is fought by Daisy and Rosalina.



Super Mario Revival - Gameplay (Sneak Peak)

Super Mario Revival - Gameplay (Sneak Peak)


  • Quartza from Super Mario Revival is very similar to Mimi. Personality-wise, they are both spoiled and bratty. Quartza's crystal powers are similar to Mimi's Rubee attacks. Appearance-wise, Quartza has small black eyes like Mimi's and the crystals on Quartza's head are similar to Mimi's pigtail hairstyle.
    • In episode 9, when Vayal summons Mimi, he remarks how similar she is to Quartza. He insults Quartza, saying, "Gee, this girl is a lot similar to Quartza, except she is cuter and a lot more useful."