Mime Jr. is a character from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Adventures to the Abyss and Journey to the Beyond, he is one of the reacently missing pokémon along with his partner Bonsly and his team members: Lucario, Kangaskhan, and Weavile. He plays a part in the story in the Special Episode: Mime Jr.'s Exciting Adventure!


Past Life

Mime Jr.'s first adventure started when he was exploring in a forest alone, until he heard someone crying in the forest. Mime Jr. followed the sound where it was coming from and found out it was a Bonsly crying while sitting on a rock. Mime Jr. asked why Bonsly was crying is that he got lost while playing in the woods and nobody rescued him. Mime Jr. comforts him that he'll escort him out of the forest. Bonsly was happy to hear that someone is going to help him out of the woods. During their journey to find the path out of the woods, Bonsly asks why Mime Jr. was in the forest. The mime pokémon answered him, he was exploring the forest to seek out someone to be his partner in his own team. Dreaming that he would be a great explorer with his team, traveling where no pokémon has dared to explore. Bonsly thought the idea that he'll be his partner though his journeys, Mime Jr. agreed with the idea and became friends with Bonsly. After going though parts of the woods, they found the exist with surprisingly a Lucario training, they talked to the pokémon that he and Bonsly are just entering out of the forest. Lucario said he doesn't mean any harm to them as he is just training himself for strength. Mime Jr. thought of the idea of recruiting Lucario to his team,

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