Milotic (Darmanitan Slam)
Milotic Dream
Full Name Milotic
Gender Female
Location Pokémon Island (Beach area)
Class Hero
Ability/ies Charm, Wrap, diving

Miloic is a character in the Darmanitan Slam series. She first appeared in the game Darmanitan Slam, where she helped Darmanitan and his friend Darumaka defeat a giant Octillery. She currently resides in the Beach area of Pokémon Island. It is also known that Darumaka has a love interest in her. She will no onger appear in the series, as she has been replaced by Lilligant.


Milotic is mostly cool, calm, and collected. She is very friendly toward Darmanitan and Darumaka. She is also brave, as she helped fend off the giant Octillery from the two. She notices Daruaka's huge love interest in her, but she enjoys seeing this and doesn't say anything. Milotic has also been shown to admire Darumaka more than Darmanitan.

Powers and Abilities

Milotic is able to dive underwater and stay in the water for very long periods of time. She also uses her Charm ability to seduce anyone or weaken their ability to attack. Her more common ability is Wrap, where she uses her long body to coil around her opponent and trap them. She also uses Wrap to hug. Despite having no hands, Milotic uses her fan-like tail to grab things or lift. She uses her entire tail if something is bigger than the end of it.

Game Appearances

  • Darmanitan Slam — Milotic's first appearance. She helps Darmanitan and Darumaka defeat a giant Octillery. She appears at other times, too.


  • Milotic is the only main character in the series who is not from Generation V.