Millenium Trophy
Developer(s) SR Game Inc.
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Dreamcast
Release Date(s)
21st December 1999
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing Simulator
Series N/A
Media Included N/A

Millenium Trophy is a Dreamcast game released in 1999. It was developed by SR Game Inc. and published by Sega in late December that year to celebrate the new upcoming millenium.

Time and Weather

Like Metropolis Street Racer, Millenium Trophy uses the Dreamcast system's time to calculate the current time in-game, although it uses the same time for every location.

Aside from that, it also uses the date of the system to calculate the current season of the year, which changes the probability of the game generating a different weather.

Season/Weather Clear Foggy Rainy Snowy
Summer 96% 2% 4% 0%
Spring 80% 5% 15% 0%
Autumn 50% 15% 35% 0%
Winter 35% 15% 30% 20%


Millenium Trophy is a racing simulator released for the Dreamcast. Even though it looks like it plays like Gran Turismo, it is a little different. 

The game has a currency called CP (which stands for Cash Points), which is used to purchase cars, parts, etc. and can be earned by winning races. CP is similar to Japanese yen in currency, but that does not necessarily mean that the cars' prices are the same as in yen.

There is also another system called SP (which stands for Skill Points) which are basically the game's experience points. Every race has its base SP yield, but the final SP will change during the race depending on how you perform. If you drive incorrectly like hitting the walls, driving off the course, etc. your SP will decrease, but it will increase if you overtake an opponent or do a powerslide, for instance. Winning the race, that is, finishing in first place, will multiply your SP by 2.

The game has two different kinds of races: Millenium Official Races and Daily Races. The first are required to complete the game, while the latter can lead to extra CP and SP as well as fun.

For the Official Races, they are separated into the different classes of cars. The S- and R-Classes have two categories for two kinds of cars inside the Class.

Class Cars Eligible SP for License
K-Class K-Class cars only 0 SP
C-Class C-Class and below 3.500 SP
B-Class B-Class and below 15.000 SP
A-Class A-Class and below 37.500 SP
S-Class 1 S-Class JGTC only 100.000 SP
S-Class 2 S-Class LMP only 100.000 SP
R-Class 1 R-Class WRC only 100.000 SP
R-Class 2 R-Class Group B only 100.000 SP

The higher the class, the more (and harder) the races available.

The Daily Races can be acessed on the Travel Agency which allows the player to choose any of the unlocked courses in the game and check the upcoming race.

There is also a Dealership, where the player can purchase vehicles, a Service Station to change oil, purchase parts and repaint the car, and also a Test Track to push your car to the limit.

Car List

B-, A-, S- and R-Class cars will be added on the future.


Car Price Power Drivetrain
Audi A2 1.2 TDi 1.540.000 CP 61 PS FF
Citroen Saxo VTR 945.000 CP 98 PS FF
Daihatsu Mira 2WD 670.000 CP 56 PS FF
Daihatsu Mira 4WD 670.000 CP 56 PS 4WD
Daihatsu Move Custom 1.250.000 CP 64 PS 4WD
Daihatsu Opti Aerodown Beex 960.000 CP 74 PS FF
Fiat Seicento 760.000 CP 54 PS FF
Ford Ka 600.000 CP 60 PS FF
Honda Insight 2.500.000 CP 75 PS FF
Honda Logo TS 925.600 CP 91 PS FF
Lancia Ypsilon LX 845.000 CP 86 PS FF
Mazda AZ-Wagon 900.000 CP 64 PS 4WD
Mazda Carol 695.000 CP 64 PS FF
Mercedes-Benz A 160 Avantgarde 2.540.000 CP 103 PS FF
Mitsubishi Minica PJ 540.000 CP 50 PS FF
Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 1.200.000 CP 84 PS 4WD
Mitsubishi Toppo BJ 990.000 CP 64 PS 4WD
Peugeot 106 Rallye 1.000.000 CP 101 PS FF
Renault Twingo Initiale 950.000 CP 60 PS FF
Subaru Pleo LS 760.000 CP 70 PS 4WD
Suzuki Alto Works RS/Z 2WD 680.000 CP 64 PS FF
Suzuki Alto Works RS/Z 4WD 680.000 CP 64 PS 4WD
Suzuki Kei Works 1.150.000 CP 64 PS 4WD
Suzuki Wagon R RR 900.000 CP 64 PS 4WD
Toyota Prius G 2.500.000 CP 72 PS FF
Toyota Vitz F 870.000 CP 70 PS FF
Volkswagen Lupo 1.0 8V 960.000 CP 50 PS FF


Car Price Power Drivetrain
Alfa Romeo 145 1.8 TS 16V 1.650.000 CP 144 PS FF
Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS 16V 2.340.560 CP 155 PS FF
Audi A3 1.8T quattro 3.200.000 CP 150 PS FF
BMW Z3 1.9L 2.780.000 CP 140 PS FR
Citroen Saxo VTS 16V 1.250.000 CP 118 PS FF
Citroen XM V6 1.760.500 CP 190 PS FF
Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.000.000 CP 90 PS FF
Citroen Xsara VTS 1.500.650 CP 112 PS FF
Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 1.800.000 CP 150 PS FF
Chevrolet Malibu LS 2.100.000 CP 150 PS FF
Daihatsu Pyzar 16V 2.050.000 CP 115 PS 4WD
Daihatsu Storia X4 1.870.000 CP 120 PS 4WD
Daihatsu Terios Turbo 2.800.000 CP 140 PS 4WD
Dodge Neon 2.0 SE 1.980.000 CP 133 PS FF
Fiat Barchetta 2.240.600 CP 131 PS FF
Fiat Bravo HGT 2.100.000 CP 154 PS FF
Fiat Punto HGT 1.980.000 CP 129 PS FF
Ford Cougar 24V 2.760.000 CP 170 PS FF
Ford Focus Zetec-E 2.410.000 CP 119 PS FF
Ford Puma Zetec-E 2.980.000 CP 128 PS FF
Honda Civic Type-R 2.600.000 CP 185 PS FF
Honda Integra Type-R 2.900.000 CP 185 PS FF
Lancia Delta 2.0 16V 2.150.000 CP 139 PS FF
Mazda Demio GLX 1.760.000 CP 100 PS FF
Mazda Familia ES 2.890.000 CP 135 PS FF
Mazda Roadster RS 2.600.000 CP 140 PS FR
Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 K 3.860.000 CP 193 PS FR
Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg R 1.990.500 CP 175 PS FF
Nissan March G# 1.760.000 CP 110 PS FF
Nissan Primera 2.0V 2.300.000 CP 148 PS FF
Nissan Pulsar GTi 2.100.000 CP 148 PS FF
Opel Astra Coupé 2.436.000 CP 140 PS FF
Opel Corsa GSi 1.990.000 CP 101 PS FF
Opel Tigra 1.6 2.640.000 CP 140 PS FF
Opel Vectra GLS 2.500.000 CP 123 PS FF
Peugeot 106 S16 1.620.000 CP 120 PS FF
Peugeot 206 S16 2.460.000 CP 140 PS FF
Peugeot 306 S16 2.690.000 CP 160 PS FF
Renault Clio RS 2.120.000 CP 132 PS FF
Renault Mégane Sport 2.600.000 CP 155 PS FF
Toyota Corolla Levin BZ-R 2.460.000 CP 177 PS FF
Toyota MR-2 S-Edition 2.540.000 CP 150 PS MR
Toyota Sprinter Trueno BZ-R 2.460.000 CP 177 PS FF
Toyota Vitz RS 2.000.000 CP 140 PS FF
Volkswagen Golf GTi 2.700.000 CP 170 PS FF
Volkswagen New Beetle 2.640.640 CP 136 PS FF

Volkswagen Polo GTi

1.990.000 CP 118 PS










Course List

Course Name Type Description
Amethyst Falls Winding A circuit that crosses a river multiple times. Enjoy racing near a waterfall while fighting for first place.
Dreamcast Circuit Circuit This simple circuit is the signature circuit of the SEGA DREAMCAST console. Use this course to hone your skills.
Frost Summit Winding A mountain on a very cold place. Watch out, because the floor is slippery and it might snow in Winter.
Fuji Speedway Circuit A real-life circuit located in Japan, this circuit is famous for its multiple changes and its usage in the JGTC Grand Prix.
Goodlands Parkway Circuit A circuit near a park. This circuit preserves the original landscape of the environment, so it is considered a green course.
Laguna Seca Raceway Circuit Famous real-life American course that is known for its famous Corkscrew corner. Be careful while tackling its trademark.
Metropolis Freeway Urban Highway in a futuristic city. Watch out for toolboth zones, and for intersections which might lead to multiple paths.
Millenium Test Track Circuit A very, very long course set in the periphery of Millenium City. This course is oval and has very long straights, so it is perfect to test your max speed.
Murky Forest Road Winding Even in the most sunny days, the darkness of this forest covers almost all of the light. This turns it more difficult to see the corners clearly.
Proving Grounds ??? An exclusive course used in License Tests. Do whatever you want to test your skills.
Redwood Raceway Circuit Racetrack in the desert. The course is very long and tricky, and experienced drivers will race to improve their techniques.
Redwood Stadium Circuit The stadium in the middle of the Redwood Desert is filled with peculiar roads, making it the home of fun yet frustrating races.
Suzuka Circuit East Circuit The east short version of the Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Simple and short, a nice course for begginers.
Suzuka Circuit GP Circuit The longest, tricky version of the Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Be careful not to end in the dirt.
Suzuka Circuit West Circuit West, less-known version of the Suzuka Short Circuits, the West Course features the most challenging part of the GP circuit.
Tidal Harbour Urban This European city located on a coast feels relaxing... but wait until the race begins, and you take on the tight and complex corners of the town.
Tsukuba Circuit Circuit Simple circuit located in Ibaraki, Japan. With little to no elevation change, this course is famous for begginers and drift racers.
Twin Ring Motegi East Circuit Motegi, in Japan, is another real-life course. The East short course has consecutive S-corners, and a very long start line.
Twin Ring Motegi GP Circuit The full version of Motegi, in Japan, is used in Grand Prix races. Mixing both the West and East variants, it becomes a very complex and advanced race track for experienced drivers.
Twin Ring Motegi SS Circuit Relatively easy and high-speed course that is placed over the Twin Ring Motegi Road Courses. The races held here usually have over 10 laps.
Twin Ring Motegi West Circuit This is the shortest and easiest variant of the Twin Ring Motegi course. It is almost oval and the only difficulty you'll have is in the last chicane.
Winding Pass Winding A point-to-point course in a mountain. These famous mountains were used in nighttime races in Japan, and can be ran either downhill or uphill.

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