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Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan March 2016

25px-Flag of USA April 2016

25px-Flag of Europe April 2016

25px-Flag of Australia July 2016

Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Media Included Disc
Millenium Rush, also know as Mirenaimu Rasshu (ミレニアムラッシュ) in Japan, is a 2016,2-player fighting game, currenly being developed by LegendaryStar.Co for the Nintendo Wii U. It is the First Installment in the Millenium rush series.


Basic Gameplay

While the environment and characters of Millenium Rush are entirely in 3D,the game itself has a 2D-esque camera view giving it the effect of other fighting games,like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Within the game,you can choose a team of 2 characters that can be switched at any time during a fight and can even perform tag team combo moves/special attacks,based on their chemistry with one another. There are a total of 16 characters (12 default,4 unlockable) that you can choose from,each of which have different powers that can inhance your gameplay experience.

Rush Meter

Another key element of gameplay is the "Rush Meter", which can help to execute insanely powerful special moves. The way that the meter can be filled up, is by fighting,which fills it up faster or by taking damage,which fills it up slower. The meter consists of 5 levels,each having a special move that gets progressingly stronger as the level goes up.

Rush Mode

When a player gets an insane amount of combos,they enter Rush Mode,which temporarily inhances their speed,power and defense. While in Rush Mode,players can either expell the power they have with one giant burst of energy,that acts as an instant K.O but can easily be avoided or use the power sparingly.


Wiimote- By Yveltal

Directional Pad -UpWii Button Right- Move forward or Fall Back (Depending what side you're on)

Directional Key Down+Directional Pad -Up orWii Button Right- Block

Directional Pad 2- Jump

Directional Key Down-Duck

Wii A Button-Taunt

Wii Button 1-Standard Attack 1

Wii Button 2-Standard Attack 2

Wii Button Right+Wii Button 1-Tackle


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