Sonic, don't be that over-confident. You might hurt yourself!
Tails when Sonic challenges Shadow in Story Mode

Miles "Tails" Prower is one of the few major protagonists of Sonic Spar. He is unlocked in Story Mode when Sonic beats all of Eggman's robots.


Tails appears as an orange fox with two tails to propel himself into the air. He also has red shoes and a scar, but it's peach colored.


Tails is loyal to Sonic, his best friend, and is careful and sensitive to everything. However, he can be brave sometimes and helps his friend on defeating Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Tails also warns Sonic about some things when he is too over-confident.


With his two tails, Tails can propel himself to the sky by spinning his tails. He can also Spindash like Sonic and Knuckles.


Attack 1 - Tails slaps the opponent.

Attack 2 - Tails hits the opponent with his tail.

Attack 3 - Tails hits the opponent with a mechanical hand.

Backwards Attack - Tails backhand punches the opponent.

Side Attack - Tails sweeps the opponent with his tail.

Down Attack - Tails leg scissors trips the opponent.

Up Attack - Tails pulls out a mechanical hand (or a glove hand) out of the ground to punch the opponent to the air (the glove hand flicks the opponent to the air).

Grab 1 - Tails claps the opponent two times and throws them away.

Grab 2 - Tails slaps the opponent three times and uppercuts them to the air.

Grab 3 - Tails grabs and flies to the air with an opponent and slams them down to the ground.

Special Move:

Tailspin - Tails spins around and follows the opponent for seven seconds, attacking the opponent when they touch him.
Laser Cannon - Tails gets out his Laser Cannon and shoots a laser beam in the direction of the opponent, he can delay this attack for five seconds to aim.

Finisher Move: Fake Energy Ring - Tails shows out a Fake Energy Ring and hits the opponent with it numerous times.