I will try and try until I win!

Miles is a Wind Waker and Swords Man that appears in Super Smash Bros. Stars and Super Smash Bros. Unlimited. He is very fast and believes in speed and agility more then power and strength. He is playable in the beginning of the game. He is the Toon Version of Link. He has a shrimp designed shirt, orange pants, yellow hair, and brown shoes. He is also the ancestor of Link of Twilight Princess.


Heroes Bow

Aims and fires at the enemy

Flame Slash

Sword turns into Fire and slashes its way through the enemy

Gold Boomerang

A Golden shiny Boomerang stuns an enemy for 5 seconds and comes back to you.


Plant a Bomb on the enemy and waits about 5 seconds to explode.

Spin Slash

Charges up the Sword and unleashes a powerful Spin.

Triforce of Courage

You catch your enemy in a Triforce and continue to slash your enemy and finish it with a Flame Slash

Role In Game

Miles plays an important role in Super Smash bros Stars. Miles and Lance search for the ruins of Dr. OldStone and his lab. They find the ruins, and find the information and research they need. Then they are suddenly attacked by Robotic Security Guards that attacked if the information or Research was stolen. Miles and Lance easily defeats them and runs out of the Ruins.

Role In Story


Miles is a hyper person, and loves to go on adventures. Sometimes he talks to much, and gets on peoples nerves alot, but he is still fun to talk to. He is very naive, being curious and liking the finer things in life. Miles doesn't like the kind of people that don't talk and are silent, like Kai, but he found to like him. When he is in a battle, or facing an enemy, he doesn't hold back and sometimes under estimates his power.