This article is about the hedgehog who is Sonic's rival. For information about the robot, see Mike. For the game, see Mike the Hedgehog (game).
Mike the Hedgehog
Mike the Hedgehog
Full Name Mike the Hedgehog
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location emerald coast
Class Antihero
Family and Relations
Bernard the Hedgehog (Father), Sally the Hedgehog (Mother), Max the Hedgehog (Brother), Zoe the Hedgehog (Sister)
Main Weapon(s) Spike Gloves

Mike the Hedgehog, or just Mike, is an anthropomorphic hedgehog in the Sonic Series of games. He has a good heart but his power was exploited by Dr. Eggman for evil usage, therefor he is Eggman's servant and Sonic's enemy.


He is comparable to Sabertooth in many ways. He is willing to serve his master (or blackmailer in Mike's case) and will not stop until he fulfills his task. He has a golden and pure heart, but unlike Sabertooth, he is unwilling to his master's intentions. Sabertooth is would do horrible deeds on his own, unlike Mike.