This article is about the robot of Dr. Crygor. For information about the hedgehog, see Mike the Hedgehog.


Mike is a karaoke robot made by Dr. Crygor. He is made as a janitor for the wacky professor, as stated in it's debut game, WarioWare: Touched!. He is often Dr. Crygor's partner as well, besides Penny Crygor.

Powers and abilities

Since Mike is a karaoke robot, Mike is a well singer, and karaoke-singer. A microphone isn't needed, because Mike got two on his head. His belly seems to be a (mono) music box as well, probably can play music as well. He also can check how good a singer sings.


  • Mike's name is a pun on microphone, or just mic.
  • Mike often refers the microphone as a mic.
  • Mike has said Dr. Crygor's singing was 99.78% awful, but since Dr. Crygor wrote his software, too, it's possible that his software was wrong, and that Mike probably sings awful too, making it unknown why he won an intergalactic singing contest.

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