Mika Sho
Mika Sho. (artwork by YoshiEgg (tbc))
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Can create, absorb, and shoot fire.
*creates fire on her hand* This is completely illogical.

Mika Sho (ミカ笙) is an asian american girl who lives in the United States, originally created by Drack (tbc) and later given to Locky (tbc). A dedicated student specially in the field of science, Mika is a somewhat anti-social person who prefers studying over relationships, although she does take some time to make friends, in special Abigail, whom she became best friends with. After a bizarre incident, Mika woke up learning that she has the ability to create fire by manipulating sub atomic elements, as well the ability to absorb fire.


Mika Sho shows signs of anti-social behavoir, Mika is a friendly person around and a really eccentric one at that, but at times she prefers to be on her place quiet either studying or doing something else. She often takes things at face value and fails to realize jokes or sarcasm sometimes, although she is quit a sharp joker herself. Mika doesn't shows any interest in romantic relationships, but she also states that she hasn't determined her sexuality yet, as she doesn't realizes what is her personal test for a romantic partner.

Mika is a big fan of science fiction and often quotes science fiction shows like Star Trek or Firefly. She also shows interest in superhero comics and as such nicknamed her friends, whom also have weird power themselves, with superhero like nicknames. She nicknames herself Sunfire when fighting against threats. She is also quite eccentric, although she is a bit of a coward herself, as shown through out the first times she has to fight a real threat.


Mika Sho's main ability is pyrokensis, as she gains the ability to control fire in a sub-atomic level. She can create a combustion at will as well to control fire utilizing her mind, although she utilizes her hands to manipulate fire for dramatic purposes. She can also absorb fire into her own created fire, allowing it to get bigger and more powerful. She can also concentrate fire and cause it to explode, which is a risky move that could also hurt herself. She can also put fire on herself, powering her own melee attacks, although this doesn't damages her.


Abigail Ainsworth

Mika and Abigail got along well becoming best friends at school, until Abigail's sudden "disappearance" (in actuality, Abigail being pulled to the pocket universe during the events of Eternika).

Donald "Velocity" Skitz

Manson "Azure" Ray

Mr. Riley

Jon "Judge" Justice



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