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Miiverse Quest Package (known in Japan as 任天堂ソーシャルクエストパッケージ) is an RPG game about the adventures of a team that met on Miiverse. This package contains the first three games in the series. Production started in January. This game is a Float Island Inc. production. It is for the Nintendo 3DS. It is rated T, and was released May 3rd, 2015.

Miiverse Quest

This part of the game is the original Miiverse Quest. You have to save June using Dec, W the Wizard, Mega Andrew, ect., to fight through enemies and such. The main villain is still Dr. Wily, and Robo-June is still his assistant. The game is pretty much an exact copy of the original RPG.

Miiverse Quest: Robin's Gender Swap

Also pretty much an exact copy of the original RPG.

Miiverse Quest: The Fate of the World

Almost an exact copy of the original, but Corrupted is replaced with Austyn.

Miiverse Quest Logos (Original)

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