Miiverse MiiVenture is a game about Miiverse posts for the Wii U. It grabs Miiverse posts that were suggested by players and asks questions about it (for example, "Who made this post?" or "What's the reference?"). It was made by Float Island Inc.. This game is only available in America.


The game plays like the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii, except that instead of seeing a question and choosing between two options you see a Miiverse post and a question related to that post. There are 4 answers, and only one is correct.

You can choose between several game modes, seen below.

Game modes


In this mode you answer questions based on Miiverse posts.

Suggestion Mode

In this mode you can suggest posts, like the "Suggest a Question" section of the Everybody Votes Channel. You have to make a question and 4 answers.


In this mode you review suggestions from Suggestion Mode and choose if it's appropiate or not. The criteria to choose a post as good is that it must have good grammar and it mustn't be NSFW. You can also skip a suggestion.


This mode only activates when you have no internet connection. It's like Classic, but you answer quesitons that you didn't answer correctly before, as well as 60 other questios that are saved in the game's memory.


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