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Miiverse 2
Miiverse2 Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, Wii U2, 3DS, Nintendo +
Release Date(s)
3DS & Wii U - 17th of July, 2015

Nintendo + - 25th of June, 2016

                Wii U2 - 27th of February, 2017
Miiverse 2 (Known in Europe and Australia as Miiverse II) is a Nintendo Network service, and an update to the original Miiverse. It can be acessed on Wii U , 3DS , Nintendo + and Wii U2.

New Features

  • Mii+'s can now be used as avatars
  • On Nintendo +, Miiverse 2 replaces Streetpass Mii Plaza, as minigames can be played too.
  • Colors can be used when drawing a post


As stated above, Mii minigames are included. Every one of these can be played with Miiverse friends. A total of 3 minigames are on 3DS, 5 on Wii U, 10 on Nintendo +, and 12 on Wii U2 These are
  • It's-a-Mii, Mario! - Nintendo + and Wii U2 - Up to 4 players
  • Pokémon Stadium : Miiverse - All - Pokémon Stadium, with Miis.
  • Unconfirmed

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