Mii Sports Resort Island is a sequal to Mii Sports Resort. It includes eight new sports, and all of the old ones.


Name Players Unlockable? Modes
  • One Disk-6
  • Wi-Fi- 8
Default 3 Holes, Eight Holes, Sixteen Holes, Eighteen Holes, Sixty-Four Holes
  • One Disk-10
  • Wi-Fi-30
Unlockable Mountain, Wetland, City, Gym

, Clouds, Undersea

  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-4
Default Windy Weather, Tornado!!!
  • One Disk-2
  • Wii-Fi-4
Unlockable Water Balloon, Bomb!!!, Water Bomb!!!
Super Smash Bros.
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi- 6
Default Dimensions, With Master Hand!
Car Racing
  • One Disk-3
  • Wi-Fi-6
Unlockable Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Fossil Fighters, Kart Krazy
Guess Who?
  • One Disk-4
  • Wi-Fi-6
Default Extreme!, Pop Up
Frame It!
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi- 10
Unlockable Wuhu Island, Yoshi Falls, Tokyo, New York City
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-4
Default Wuhu Island, Donut Plains
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-2
Unlockable U, Wii, Mii
  • One Disk-2
  • Wi-Fi-4
Default It's a Bump Ride!
Surf's Up
  • One Disk-2
  • Wi-Fi-6
Unlockable Cyclone, Hurricane, Tsnami
Sneak Person
  • One Disk-2
  • Wi-Fi-3
Default Bare Plains, Dig Dig DIG!!!
Dawg Racing
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-4
Unlockable Jumbo Style
Long Jump
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi- 2
Secret Unlockable H


Brain Squeeze
  • One Disk-2
  • Wi-Fi-4
Secret Unlockable Huge, Puny
A Barrel of Laughs!
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-4
Secret Unlockable Bump Trip!
Bit. Trip Saga
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-2
Secret Unlockable. U Chose
Chicken Flight
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-4
Download via Nintendo eShop A Little Harder

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