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Mii Sports Resort
Mii Sports Resort is a Nintendo NS sequal to the ever-famous Wii Sports Resort. It is made by EVT and includes two sports returning from Wii Sports or Resort.


Name Players Unlockable? Modes
  • One Disk-6
  • Wi-Fi- 8
Default 3 Holes, Eight Holes, Sixteen Holes, Eighteen Holes
  • One Disk-10
  • Wi-Fi-30
Unlockable NA
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi-4
Default Windy Weather
  • One Disk-2
  • Wii-Fi-4
Unlockable Water Balloon, Bomb!!!
Super Smash Bros.
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi- 4
Default Dimensions
Car Racing
  • One Disk-3
  • Wi-Fi-6
Unlockable Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Fossil Fighters
Guess Who?
  • One Disk-4
  • Wi-Fi-6
Default Extreme!
Frame It!
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi- 10
Unlockable Wuhu Island, Yoshi Falls, Tokyo, New York City
Long Jump
  • One Disk and Wi-Fi- 2
Secret Unlockable Hazards
Brain Squeeze
  • One Disk-2
  • Wi-Fi-4
Secret Unlockable Huge, Puny


EVT gave the game a 93/ 100. They have a represenitive who played all the sports at a private demo for game raters. He rated every sport: Golf: 97/100, Dodgeball: 100/ 100, Tennis: 79/ 100, Toss: 94/ 100, SSB: 100/ 100, Car Racing: 90/ 100, Guess Who?: 95/ 100, Frame It: 98/ 100, Long Jump: 91/ 100, and Brain Squeeze: 87/100.His review stated:

" It was great, and may show up Wii Sports Resort in fans, and is being bundled with Pebble-Gray Nintendo NS.The Golf only lacked in out-of-bounds, the dodgeball was all-perfect, but tnnis lacked in specialty. It was like an exact copy of the Wii Sports version. 'Toss' was OK, but was a poor concept for a sports game.SSB was brilliant, but Car Racing really laked in one thing: new carts. Guess Who? and Frame It! would be perfect in a Wii Play or Party sequal, but in a sports game? They were still really good, though. Long Jump was also nice, but it was very short, and easy to beat all of the challenges in one hour.Brain Squeeze was a misfit in the game, but proved to keep you out of boredom. You should buy this game, as I have already pre-ordered via Gamestop, a Pebble Gray bundle for $324.99! The system alone is $299.99, and the game alone is $39.99."

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