Mii Fighters
Mii Fighters SSB4
Mii Fighters expand their arsenal!
Universe Super Smash Bros.SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
First Game WII Mii Channel
Recent Game U Wii Sports Club
Availability Starter
Home Stage Final Destination

Mii Fighters, a completely customizable fighter that originated from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U, have returned as fighters in Super Smash Bros. Quantum! Additionally, the three returning classes are joined by seven new ones, creating a selection of 10 unique classes to choose from.


Picture Name Description
Mii Brawler Mii Brawler A returning class, Mii Brawlers are fast fighters who use their hands and feet for combat over fancy weaponry. Due to this, they are relatively lightweight and not as powerful as other classes.
Mii Swordfighter Mii Swordfighter Another returning class, Mii Swordfighters use sleek, bladed weaponry in combat, even if that bladed weaponry isn't their sword. They are heavier and more powerful than Mii Brawlers, but not as fast.
Mii Gunner Mii Gunner The final returning class, Mii Gunners have mysterious arm cannons for weapons and have average stats between the other two returning classes. They, unlike the other two classes, excel in projectile attacks instead of melee attacks.
Mii Acrobat The first announced new class, Mii Acrobats wield balancing rods as weapons and wear leotard-like uniforms. They are the lightest of all classes, have good range due to their rod weapon, and have multiple jumps like Kirby or Jigglypuff.
Mii Grenadier The second new class to be announced, Mii Grenadiers wear bandoliers of Smash Ball-like grenades across their chest. They specialize in all kinds of bombs, each of which has a different effect and trajectory.
Mii Cannoneer Mii Cannoneers wield massive bazooka-like cannons and wear uniforms similar to an army grunt. Like Mii Gunners, Mii Cannoneers specialize in ranged attacks, but due to the bazooka's weight, Cannoneers are much heavier and slower, but also much more powerful.
Mii Singer Mii Singers are more in line with Wii Music than Super Smash Bros., but these fancily dressed fighters make it work out. They focus on various sound and dance-based attacks, making them a mixed bag of combat potential.
Mii Guardian Decked out in bronze armor and wielding a shield and spear, Mii Guardians are perfect for Smash's gladiatorial battles. They specialize more in defense than offense, making them harder to KO than other Mii classes.
Mii Sorceror Magic-using Miis wielding staffs. It doesn't really get more straightforward than that. Mii Sorcerors specialize in ranged attacks like the Gunners, but focus more on elemental techniques.
Mii Trapper An odd class, to be sure. Trappers specialize in zone control by placing various traps and turrets, and their stats lean more toward speed and defense than attack.