Mii Fighter
Mii Fighters SSB4
"Mii joins the battle!"
Universe Super Smash Bros.
First Appearance WiiIcon Wii Sports (2006)
Latest Appearance WiiUIcon Wii Sports Club (2014)
Starter Availability
Final Smash Mii Gunner
Blast Away
Onslaught (Custom)
Zero Laser (Custom)
Mii Fighter
Wombo Combo
Meteor Punch (Custom)
Focus Punch (Custom)
Mii Swordfighter
Final Slash
Excalibur Slash (Custom)
Wiiforce (Custom)

Mii Fighter is actually three different fighters that take one character slot, each one with their own unique abilities. The Mii Gunner is a projectile shooter with focus on fast yet not powerful shots, the Mii Fighter is a melee combatant that lacks a projectile and the Mii Swordfighter who is the most balanced of the three. He was one of the last characters revealed for Super Smash Bros. Destiny.

Character Description

Role in the Story Mode

Tier list position


Ground Attacks



Special Moves

To see more about the special moves, click here.
Mii Gunner's Special Moves
Standard Special Charge Shot Quick Shot Power Shot
Side Special Lock-On N/A N/A
Up Special Sky Shooting N/A N/A
Down Special Power-Up Set Trap Recharge
Final Smash Blast Away Onslaught Zero Laser
Mii Brawler's Special Moves
Standard Special Uppercut Flaming Kick Charged Punch
Side Special Melee Output Quick Combo Burning Dropkick
Up Special Soaring Axe Kick Roundhouse Kick Piston Punch
Down Special Head-On Assault Meteor Kick Kick Combo
Final Smash Wombo Combo Meteor Smash Focus Punch
Mii Swordfighter's Special Moves
Standard Special Chakram Shuriken of Light Gale Strike
Side Special Burning Whip Quick Dodge Sword Spin
Up Special Flying Sword Rocket Sword Sword Boomerang
Down Special Counter Hookshot Vision
Final Smash Final Slash Excalibur Slash Wiiforce

Pummels and Throws

Idle & Taunts


Aerial Attacks

Palette Swaps

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