Mii Brawler
Mii Brawler SSB4
Series Super Smash Bros. Emblem
Final Smash Omega Blitz
Home Stage Battlefield
Tier N/A

Mii Brawler (格闘タイプ, Hand-to-Hand Fighting Type) is a starting veteran in Super Smash Bros. Universe. The Mii Brawler is one of the three customizable types of fighters known as Mii Fighters to be played with, the others being the Mii Swordfighter, and the Mii Gunner. The Mii Brawler has been significantly buffed, and now has stronger attacks. Unlike the other fighters, the Mii Brawler has no access to palette swaps, instead featuring actual costumes, as well as hats. In addition, the Mii Brawler, along with the Swordfighter, and the Gunner still have access to different custom moves, something of which has been cut as a feature for previous veteran fighters.

Changes from Smash 4




Name Description
Neutral attack
Forward Tilt
Up Tilt
Down Tilt
Dash Attack
Forward Smash
Up Smash
Down Smash
Neutral Aerial
Forward Aerial
Back Aerial
Up Aerial
Down Aerial
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw
Neutral Special
Side Special
Up Special
Down Special
Final Smash
Tag-Team Smash

Other Animations

Animation Name Description
On-Screen Appearance N/A
Taunt 1 N/A
Taunt 2 N/A
Taunt 3 N/A
Star KO N/A
Screen KO N/A

Victory Fanfare

Role in the Wrath of Shadows

The Mii Brawler does not appear in Story Mode under any circumstances. This is shared with the Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner, who also don't have any real role in the Story Mode.

Alternate Costumes & Headgear

Costume Character Image Franchise Notes Availability

Asuka Kazama

Outfit + Wig

Asuka Kazama SSB Tekken


Outfit + Wig

Guile SF×TK StreetFighterSymbol

Super Arrow

Outfit + Helmet

GX Super Arrow SSB F-Zero Series

Mrs. Arrow

Outfit + Wig

GX Mrs. Arrow SSB F-Zero Series
Basketball Player Outfit N/A
MMA Fighter Outfit N/A

Jimmy T.

Outfit + Wig

100px WarioSymbolSSBV


Outfit + Wig

Alex (Street-Fighter) StreetFighterSymbol


Outfit + Hat

100px SSB Mario Series

King K. Rool

Outfit + Hat

150px SSB Donkey Kong Series

Akira Yuki

Outfit + Wig


Jacky Bryant

Outift + Wig


Heihachi Mishima

Outfit + Wig

SSB Tekken

Flying Man

Outfit + Hat


Captain Falcon

Outfit + Helmet

SSB F-Zero Series

Tifa Lockhart

Outfit + Wig

Final Fantasy symbol
Buisness Suit
Cat Hat + Suit
Vampire Outfit N/A
Tracksuit N/A
Mecha Suit N/A
Protective Gear N/A
Biker Gear N/A
Fighter Uniform N/A
SSB T-Shirt N/A


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