This is the first Mii Game for the FTF 3D. You can battle with your Miis. There are 20 Games.


Guest Mii's

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Guest A
  • Guest B

Your Mii's

You can create your Mii's here. They have like the Mii's in the 3DS OR-Codes. You can use their Codes too!


Game Mode

Play with friends or CPU's 5 of the 20 Games.

Choose your Games!

Play the Games that you want!

Options know that!

Mii Maker

Make your own Mii's or use the OR Code's of friend's or your 3DS!


Sword Fight

Battle with 2 Swords and beat your Enemy!

Already Unlocked!

RPG Fight

Fight a fight like in Paper Mario. Choose Jump, Hammer or Defense!

Already Unlocked!


Syring your opponents off the plattform.

Already Unlocked!

Poltergust Fight

Suck more Ghosts than your friends in your Poltergust.

Already Unlocked!

Pikmin Fight

Beat your Enemy's Pikmin Army with your Pikmin!

Already Unlocked!

Picture Channle

Take more photos of your opponent than he can take.

Already Unlocked!

News Channle

Find the most interesting News.

Already Unlocked.

Weather Channle

Make the fastest Weather Forecast.

Already Unlocked.

Internet Channle

Find 3 Wikipedia Page's of the Topic that you must find.

Already Unlocked.

Wii Shop Channle

Squander 10.000 Wii Points for Games.#

More Coming Soon!