Mii Athlete
Jumps of Fury
Universe MiiSymbolMii
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB4
Recent Game 'Wii U/3DS Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS
Availability Starter
Final Smash Sports Club/Mii Parade

The Mii Athlete makes it's second return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. One of the Mii Fighters alongside Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, and Mii Athlete. The Mii Athlete is the fastest Mii Fighter and also boasts powerful strength albeit at the cost of lack of defense and weak to launch. The Mii Athlete has three Mii Specializations: Mii Defense, Mii Runner, and Mii Offense.


Mii Mage is the fasestof the Mii Fighters and boasts very quick attack speed.


Move SetEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Athletic Punch 3%, 3%, 5% Mii Athlete punches twice followed by a kick.
Forward Tilt Golf Swing 7% Mii Athlete whacks the opponent with a golf club. It has decent distance.
Up Tilt Swordplay 9% Mii Athlete can slash upwards; knocking opponents upwards.
Down Tilt Veggie Gaurdin' 10% Mii Athelete pulls out a mallet and slams it downwards, knocking opponents upwards.
Dash Attack Charge! 14% Mii Athlete jumps on a cow and dashes forward; hitting the opponents which knocks them up into the air.
Forward Smash Batters Up! 27% (ucharged), 21% (uncharged), 12% (whiff charged), 6% (uncharged whiff) Mii Athlete winds up and smashes forward with the bat. It acts much like the Home-run Bat but lacks the knockback and killing power.
Up Smash Boxing Gloves 22% (charged), 18% (uncharged) Mii Athlete jumps upwards and punches upwards 3 times. Both hits do damage and hitstun and knocks opponents upwards.
Down Smash Table Tennis 20% (charged), 15& (uncharged) Mii Athlete slams the table tennis from one side to the other. It will trap the opponent and carry the opponent from one side to the other; knocking the opponent forward.
Neutral Aerial Swallow Kick 4%, 4% Mii Athlete kicks once, spins, and kicks again. It has landing lag when short hopped.
Forward Aerial Tennis Racket 11% Mii Athlete whakcs the opponent with a Tennis Racket which knocks opponents away with high knockback.
Back Aerial Backward Drop Kick 15% Mii Athlete foes a double kick backwards which knocks opponents away.
Up Aerial Baseball Throw 5% Not that powerful but it does hitstun which stuns opponents slightly. It has good reach.
Down Aerial Bowling Ball 21% Mii Athlete throws the bowling ball downwards; which does high damage when it crashes down. It will go all the way down but does less damage as it travels further.
Grab --- --- Mii Athlete grabs the opponent.
Pummel Paddle Whack 3% Whacks the opponent with a table tennis paddle.
Forward Throw Batter 8% Grabs the opponent, throws, and bats the opponent forward.
Back Throw Powercruising 3.8% (per hit) Mii Athlete pushes opponents forward while dealing damage by riding on a jet ski.
Up Throw Volleyball Spike 3% (throw), 5% (spike), 4% (impact) Tosses the opponent into the sky, spikes the opponent with a fist, and impacts them into the ground.
Down Throw Bowling Throw 3%, 2.3% (3 hits) Mii Athlete throws the opponent like a bowling ball as they rolls along the ground; doing damage as it travels.
Floor Attack (front/back) Athletic Spin 3.8%, 4% Spins around, while kicking on both sides.
Floor Attack (trip) StretchKick 4% Stretches out and kicks forward while stretching out and propping him/herself on their arms.
Edge Attack Racket Tap 3.9% Hits the opponent with a tennis racket.

Special Custom Set AEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Volleyball 3.6% (throw), 6% (spike), 4% (ball) Mii Athlete throws up the volleyball which knocks opponents upwards. Mii Athlete spikes the volleyball which will spike the opponent down. The ball can also damage opponents and does hitstun.
Custom 1 Billiards 12% (charged), 8% (ncharged) Mii Athlete can charge the attack and hit a pool ball. The more it is charged, the more powerful and faster the pool ball is.
Custom 2 Frisbee 6%, 3% (less than further it travels) Mii Athlete throws a frisbee which will travel slower the further it goes from the player. It also does less damage.
Side Special In-line Skating 2.4% (per hit), 5% 5% (skid) Mii Athlete zooms forward on in-line skates. The player can skate forward or turn back with a skid that does extra damage. It has fast but a bit harder to control.
Custom 1 Basketball 2.8% (jump), 11% (slam dunk), 5% (rebound) Mii Athlete jumps into the air; dealing damage when jumping and then slam the basketball down into the ground; dealing damage. The basketball bounds upwards that will do damage.
Custom 2 Big Bang Blaster 14% (charged), 12% (uncharged) Fires a charged up blast that shocks opponents and then causes them to be launched when it finishes.
Up Special High Jump 5% Mii Athlete uses a vault to push him/herself up into the air and then back down.
Custom 1 Hurdle Jump 0% Mii Athlete jumps in the air with more enhanced horizontal recovery distance. It doesn't deal any damage.
Custom 2 Air Sports 0% Mii Athlete soars up into the sky with an airplane-like gadget. Mii Athlete will descend back down to the ground.
Down Special Laser Hockey 8% Produces a pose and brandishes a table hock guard. When it connects, the Mii Athlete pushes it forward; dealing damage.
Custom 1 Javelin Throw 7.8% Mii Athlete throws a javelin that has good distance and then deals damage. It will knock opponents backwards when it hits.
Custom 2 Soccer Kick 12% (kick), 7% (soccer ball) Kicks a soccerball which propels it forward; dealing damage. Both the kick and the soccer ball deals damage.

Mii Defenseive Move SetEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Guard Position 10% Mii Defensive does a pose which, when attacked, pushes the opponent down. The opponent is launched and spiked into the ground.
Custom 1 Mobile Guard Position 5% Holding down the special button will initiate the guard pose. The Mii Athlete can move while this is initiated but is unable to be attacked. However, it has landing lag when after it connects.
Custom 2 Quick Guard Position 7% It has more window open for connecting but rather weak.
Side Special Defensive Line 16% (charged), 11% (uncharged) Charging it causes super armor albeit causes lag to the attack. Mii Defensive will then charge forth when finished, dealing damage and high knockback.
Custom 1 Fragile Defensive Line 10% (charged), 4% (uncharged) Rather weak and quicker but it is fast and does not have to be charged for too long. It does lack the super armor during charging.
Custom 2 Pivotal Defensive Line 19% (charged), 11% (uncharged) Cannot be held down but the healing power doubles what is received.
Up Special High Powered Leap 14% (launch), 12% (descent), 15% (landing) Mii Defensive will launch into the sky. He/she can charge up the attack which affects how high he/she will launch. It will then descend to the ground, impacting the stage and will knock the opponents upwards.
Custom 1 Armored Powered Leap 12% (launch), 6% (descent), 14% (landing) It gives the attack super armor at the cost of less recovery distance and damage output.
Custom 2 Hovering Powered Leap 8% (launch), 18% (descent charged), 20% (landing charged), 15% (descent uncharged), 18% (landing uncharged) Mii Athlete jumps into the air and holding down the special button will cause the Mii Athlete to hover int he air. Charging it will cause the Mii Athlete to do more damage.
Down Special Rushing End 12% (clean), 9% (late) Mii Athlete charges forth; slamming the shoulder into the opponent; launching the opponent. It has start up lagging.
Custom 1 Charged Rushing End 18% (charged clean), 15% (uncharged clean), 15% (charged late), 12% (uncharged late) Mii Athlete can charge the attack which causes it to travel less far but does more damage and knockback.
Custom 2 Rush Burying 7% Mii Ahtlete rushes over the opponent, burying them as they pass by. It knocks opponents downwards who are in the air.

Mii Runner Move SetEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Dashing Slide 6% (charged), 4% (uncharged) Mii Runner can charge the attack to dash froward which ends in a slide. It does more damage and longer horizontal distance when fully charged.
Custom 1 Reversed Dashing Slide 9% (charged), 6% (uncharged) Mii Athlete will charge backwards instead; sliding backwards and deal ing more damage though less traveling distance.
Custom 2 Burning Rubber 10% Mii Runner runs forward into the opponent; burning them and knocking the opponent upwards as it passes by.
Side Special High Speed 7% Mii Runner dashes forward at extreme speeds while knocking opponents upwards. It is much like Fox's side special.
Custom 1 High Impact Speed 14% (sweetsot), 9% (sourspot) Develops a sweetspot when it connects at the very end of the attack's animation
Custom 2 Rising High Speed 4% (ground), 5% (mid), 6% (top) Mii Runner dashes upwards while knocking opponents upwards. The hgiher the attack reaches, the more damage it does.
Up Special Trampoline 0% Mii Runner bounces up into the air when on a trampoline. It allows for 2 additional bounces.
Custom 1 Reversed Impact Trampoline 6% Bouncing on the trampoline causes the opponent beneath it to be knocked down for a meteor when bounced upon.
Custom 2 Single Use Trampoline 0% Only allows for one bounce but it has increased vertical recovery.
Down Special Warm-Up 2% (first), 10% (charged), 8% (uncharged) Mii Runner charges the attack by running in place which does damage and knocks opponents up. The Mii Runner then rushes forward. Depending on how much it was charged, it goes faster and more damage.
Custom 1 Tuned Warm-Up 4% (first), 14% (charged), 10% (uncharged) It does more damage at the risk of less traveling distance and ending lag.
Custom 2 Pushing Warm-Up 2.2% (first), 3.2 (charged), 1.5% (uncharged) Mii Runner runs forward. It does less damage than usual but pushes opponents backwards.

Mii Offensive Move SetEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Ball and Chain 3% (per hit), 15% (clean), 12% (late) Mii Offensive swings the ball and chain which can does damage. Letting go of the special button releases the ball which knocks the opponent upwards.
Custom 1 Rapid Ball and Chain 22% (clean), 18% (late) Mii Offensive fires the ball and chain but the swinging doesn't do damage. It is released fairly quickly but it does more damage.
Custom 2 Large Ball and Chain 6% (per hit), 25% (clean), 20% (late) It does more damage but it is vey slow and is plagued with lag.
Side Special Rugby 8% Mii Offensive throws a rugyball which knocks opponents upwards. It is quick and travels for some distance.
Custom 1 Spiraling Rugby 5.8% The spiral has less damage but is has higher knockback when it connects.
Custom 2 Fiery Rugby 10% It did burn damage and will cause an explosion when connected and launched the opponent upwards.
Up Special Spinning Lariat 7.3% (per hit) Mii Offensive rises into the air; spinning in full rotations while knocking opponents away. He/she has vertical recovery.
Custom 1 Spiraling Lariat 5.2% (per hit) Mii Offensive spins more wildly while reaching out; having more reach and distance.
Custom 2 Powerhouse Lariat 10% (per hit) Has less traveling distance but does more damage and knockback compared to before.
Down Special Interception 13% Performs a pose and, when hit, knocks down the opponent with his shoulder.
Custom 1 Burning Interception 12% Slightly less damage but adds a burning effect.
Custom 2 Passing Interception 6.4% Instead of ramming s shoulder into the opponent, the Mii Offensive passes by; knocking the opponent up. It can hit multiple opponents at once.

Final SmashEdit

Note: Mii Brawler shares the same Final Smashes with it's Mii Specializations.

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Sports Club 65% Mii Athlete pulls out several sports equipment and begins attacking opponents. It catches the first opponent with a baseball attacked followed by various tennis racket, golf club, and soccer ball attcks. The Mii Athelete then follows it up with a boxing glove punch right to the face which launces the opponent high into the air.
Final Smash 2 Mii Parade Varies Mii Brawler summons his/her Mii friends. Mii's from within the the console or handheld will appear and begin attacking the opponent with punches and kicks. If there aren't any Miis, random Mii's are generated. The Mii does various amounts of damage.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Mii Athlete spins in a circle and gives a thumbs up. (Up)
  • Mii Athlete flips in the air and punches into the air. (Right)
  • Mii Athlete runs in place. (Right)
  • (Mii Athlete) Points a baseball bat upwards.

(Mii Defensive) Gives a defensive pose. (Mii Runner) Mii Athlete jumps in the air with a cheer. (Mii Offensive) Mii Athlete kicks a soccer ball up and catches it. (Down)

Character Selection ScreenEdit

  • Mii Athlete punches into the air.
  • Mii Athlete swings the tennis racket forward.
  • Mii Athlete throws a baseball up and catches it.

On Screen AppearanceEdit

  • Mii Athlete comes from the top of screen, rolling in the air, lands and holds up his/her hands.
  • Mii Athlete jumps over a hurdle and lands.
  • Mii Athlete rides in on a parachute.

Victory AnimationsEdit

Note: Mii Athlete shares the same Victory Poses with it's Mii Specializations.

  • Kicks high into the air and punches happily.
  • Mii Athlete throws a soccer ball up, kicks it, and catches it.
  • Mii Athlete swings the baseball bat several times.
  • Runs in place and then jumps in the air.
  • Mii Athlete swings the golf club which launches the ball into the sky.
  • Mii Athlete jumps into the air while spiraling in place.

Losing AnimationsEdit

  • Mii Athlete claps his/her hands while looking forward.
  • Mii Athlete hangs his/her in shame.
  • Mii Athlete appears to be busy and rocking back and forth.

Victory FanfareEdit

A flourished remix of the Loading Screen for Wii Sports Club.

Fighting StanceEdit

Mii Athlete jumps back and forth.

Idle PosesEdit

  • Mii Athlete jumps up and down as if stretching.
  • Mii Athlete stretches with one arm stretched to one side.
  • Mii Athlete runs in place.
  • Mii Athlete stretches the back, curving it slightly backwards.

Misc AnimationsEdit


Mii Athlete squats down with both knees up.


Mii Athlete jumps with one hand held upwards.


Mii Athlete bounds to the side via a handspring.


Mii Athlete has a fast walking speed. He/she slightly fast walks.


Mii Athlete dahses forward with a fast running speed.


Mii Athlete sits on the ground with knees propped up.


Trips and lands on his/her butt.


Mii Athlete balances on one foot with the arms by waving them up and down.

Home-Run BatEdit

Swings the bat with both hands.

Star KOEdit


Screen KOEdit

Slams into the screen with his eyes open and mouth agape while holding a tennis racket.


Mii Athlete's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Mii Athlete

Unlock: Classic Mode

Mii Athlete (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Marathon

Mii Athlete(Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Tennis Outfit

Mii Defensive

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

Mii Runner

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

Mii Offensive

Unlock: Complete a Pit Character Challenge

Sports Club

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)

Mii Parade

Unlock: Unlock all Mii Brawler's trophies

Alternate CostumesEdit

Color Title Color Notes Status
--- --- Default suit. Color is based off the Mii's color that was decided when created. Starter
--- --- Referee Unfirom Starter
--- --- Running Shorts and shirt Starter
--- --- High Tech Runner Outfit Starter
--- --- Newspaper Boy Outfit Starter
--- --- Marathon Outfit Starter
--- --- Post Officer Outfit Starter
--- --- Dog Suit Starter
--- --- Baseball Outfit Starter
--- --- Tennis Outfit Starter
--- --- Boy/Girl Scout Outfit Starter
--- --- Football Player Uniform Locked
--- --- Coach Outfit Locked
--- --- Golder Outfit Locked
--- --- Spy Outfit Locked