20140612220910!Mii SSB4
 Mii fight with their outfits, but this time, you can change Mii's outfit into the battle, like Zelda and Sheik or Samus with her suits. They are Balanced characters and their main elements are Fire, Thunder, Ice, Iron and Light.

Common Special Moves

Down Special: Change. Mii Brawler will become Mii Swordfighter which will become Mii Gunner which will become Mii Brawler.

Final Smash: Mii Plaza. Every Mii in the console will arrive, inflicting 14% of damage each one.

Mii Brawler's Special Moves

Standard Special: Metallic Strike. The Mii will throw a metal ball which inflicts 12% of damage.

Side Special: Head-On Assault. The Mii will strike with his head inflicting 7% of damage.

Up Special: Flaming Punch. The Mii punches while jumping inflicting 18% of damage.

Mii Swordfighter's Special Moves

Standard Special: Light Shuriken. The Mii throws a shuriken which inflicts 6% of damage.

Side Special: Chakram. The Mii throws a chakram which has a boomerang effect and inflicts 11% of damage.

Up Special: Spinning Sword. The Mii spins the sword and jumps inflicting 14% of damage.

Mii Gunner's Special Moves

Standard Special: Flame Shot. The Mii shoots a fireball which explodes and inflicts 14% of damage.

Side Special: Thunder Missile. The Mii shoots a missile which contains electricity and inflicts 19% of damage.

Up Special: Ice Column. The Mii shoots an ice line where you can walk for some seconds.

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