MiiQuest is an action/adventure/rpg game. It was released for the 3DS and WiiU. It mainly focuses around miis.




Circle Pad:Move


B: Open Menu

X: Pause



Joystick: Move


B:Open Menu




The player is welcomed to the game by ROB the mii. After he explains to the player basic rules/plot he tells the player to go to the town. First,the player must go through the forest. There is a miniboss at the end of the level. Once the player gets to the town, they can buy something from the shop or do a sidequest. leaves the town, a mii tells he/she that he/she must go to the caves and then they can stop the evil miis. Inside the cave, the player meets one of the evil miis. After a battle, the evil mii gives the player a key to the secret base. Once out of thew caves, the player comes across another evil mii. When you defeat him, he gives you the location to the secret base. Then, you go to the secret base. You battle with many evil miis. Once you get to the throne room however, ROB reveales that he is the lead evil mii. After a battle, he says that we could've been better friends than enemies. Then, the player gets lots of items and a party thrown for them.

You can also download MiiQuest on the NintendoEShop for $24.99.


The 3Ds can support local multiplayer up to 4 players. The WiiU version can support 4 players on the same console. There are 4 multiplayer modes:


Play the game in multiplayer!


Have a 2 person duel.

Team Duel

Have a 2 player vs. 2 player duel.

Capture the Flag

The players must find the other player's flag while battling.

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