Mii+ (Known in PAL regions as Miii)
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 is an upcoming extension to the Mii Maker for the Nintendo 3DS, It is the same as the original Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker, But has a lot of additional features. Every Mii+ Made can be kept in the Mii+ Plaza, or transferred to the Mii Maker, and saved.

New Features

  • The player can now choose between a huge variety of Colors for the Mii's Shirt/Dress, Instead of the usual 10.
  • The Miis hair colors and pants colors can be changed.
  • The Miis size (Height, Width) limit is expanded by a lot.
    • This applies to facial features as well.
  • Hair styles can now be slightly customized
  • Miis now have different types of shirts (Sweatshirt, Jumpsuit, ect.)
  • Mii heads can also be applied to the player character's head in even more games than normally.