All items in Mighty Willy Powers...

Item Boxes

Color Name Effect
MWUItem Box
Bronze Dispenses random object
MWUSItem Box
Silver Always dispenses coins
Golden Always dispenses items
MWURItem Box
Red Always dispenses traps


Field Enhancers

Battle Items

Item Name Actions Cost
Bottomless Backpack Fully restores HP and SP to one person
Battery Heals 10 HP
Big Battery Heals 25 HP
Charger Fully Heals HP
Potions Heals 10 SP
Magic Book Heals 20 SP
Treasure Chest Raises a random stat
Balloon Escape a battle instantly
Heart Balloon When defeated, retry the battle
Alarm Clock Heals sleep effect
Rainbow Skull Heals poison effect
Extinguisher Heals burn effect
Telephone Pole Heals paralysis effect
Torch Heals frozen effect
Mighty Hat Heals all status effects

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