Mighty Avengers is an animated series created by Inora airing on Disney Channel and the fourth Avengers series. This is probably the one that takes the most risks. Upon a Skrull attack on SHIELD, a chance encounter brings together three superpowered heroes who save Earth, bringing rise to the Avengers. Reception is TBA.


Season 1

Season 1 features two story arcs, Origins deals with the formation of the Avengers and the Skrull's first attack on Earth and Asgard. The second, Assasin deals with assassins hunting Thor, and the hunt to find their employer.




Season 1

Season 1 has 14 30-minute long episodes.

Title Info Type
Assemble When the Skrulls attack SHIELD, one hero is born and two are released to defend Earth. Season premiere. Story Arc
Skrull Skrulls attack Asgard, causing the Avengers to gain a friend. In addition, another superhero attempts to join. Story Arc
Mighty The team learn the identidy of the employer of the assasins hired to kill Thor. Season finale. Story Arc





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