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Midna did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

TPHD Midna Artwork
Midna's imp form
Full Name Midna
Gender Female
Species Twili
Location Hyrule
Twilight Realm
Class Princess of Twilight
Main Weapon(s) Twilight "Magic"
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese: Akiko Koumoto

English: Cindy Robbinson

Midna is the princess of the Twili race that resides in the Twilight Realm, and the holder of the Fused Shadows. She appears in Nintendo Princesses and as a unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse.


Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat

Midna is a downloadable character in Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat. Her Final Smash lets her ride on Wolf Link.

Nintendo Princesses

Although not confirmed as one of the Princesses of Fate, Midna is still a princess that appears and gives various tips to the rest of the princesses. She was confirmed in the game at the release of the Twenty-Second Choice trailer.

Mario Singalong Legends!

Midna makes her debut in the Mario Singalong! Series in Mario Singalong Legends! in her true form and she is one of the twenty default characters and one of the ten legend of Zelda characters.

Pikachu and Kirby: Amazing Adventures'

Midna makes her first televison appearance in Pikachu and Kirby: Amazing Adventures, and is Pikachu's main love interest. She mainly appears in her human form. Pikachu instantly falls in love with her ar first sight while she is unaware. She enjoys his company and even begins to develop feelings for him because of kindness and ambition, something she could never find in any other person she's ever dated. She also enjoys photography.

Super Smash Bros. Fusion

Midna makes a minor appearance in the Wii U/3DS Super Smash Bros. title Super Smash Bros. Fusion. In the game, she appears on the back of Wolf Link while he is in battle, and also allows Link to transform into said wolf form. She also uses her magic to aid the wolf-Hylian in battle. In Wolf Link's taunts, she is the main focus for many of them, with her sarcastic personality taking over from Link's strong and silent demeanour.


Imp Form

True Form

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