Microsoft Windows (Animated Movie)
Windows logo and wordmark - 2012.svg
Director Bill Gates, Paul Allen
Studio(s) Universal Pictures Animation Studios
Writer(s) Paul Allen
Based on Windows
Distributor(s) Universal Pictures, Microsoft Corporation 
Type Documentary
Genre(s) Comedy, Adventure
Music "Windows Remix" 
Country of Origin United States
Home Edition Release Date(s)
11 Octuber, 2017
Original Language English

Microsoft Windows or Windows It is a film based on the operating system of the same name, directed and starring Bill Gates himself and his co-workers, to launch in 2017 in theaters. According to Microsoft, the film will happen in the garage of the old Gates house, along with Paul Allen testing the Windows advantages in an old IBM computer. They will also be shown all the controversies and problems that Windows faced during his lifetime. It will be produced by tiny, reborn Universal Pictures Animation Studios, which closed in 2009. 



Bill Gates, the protagonist.

Bill appears next to Paul Allen, his friend in a garage opposite the house of Steve Jobs, his arch-rival, in front of an old IBM computer testing Windows 1.0 Beta at a time when it had few functions and was only more an MS-DOS application. While Bill gnawed nails and sweated a surreal way, Windows started. Suddenly, Windows connects with no problem, and Gates jumps of happiness chair until Melinda, Bill's wife, asks him, "What's going on, dear" and he replies "I finally made my Windows connect! You could not stand so much Blue Screen of Death! I'm sweating .." And celebrates his victory in the kitchen of the house. Meanwhile, Jobs appears on the other side of the kitchen, in the window, watching intently the victory of Bill Gates and says: ". This will not work" and back to his house to make more calls hoping to find someone who is interested in so bizarre Macintosh at his birth. After a while, Bill appears on television announcing Windows and its "revolutionary" functions hitherto. now founded the tiny Microsoft, Bill is now one of the company's computers testing Windows 2.0, still depending on diskettes and MS-DOS until it appears a Blue Screen of Death appears as he carried and locks the computer with Gates that resettable it back to MS-DOS. Bill, angry, get some coffee and talk "Think of a Windows son of ..." and try to turn it on again after making corrections in the operating system. Windows, after three days of constant failure, start with no problem, and Bill jumps off the chair again. Gates is now seen testing Windows 3.0, the flagship of the beginning of the system of Fame, alongside Paul again. This time is not seen major problems with it, Gates is seen dancing to the music in MIDI system format while celebrating. Suddenly Bill's phone rings. He pauses the music and answer the phone: "Hello?". It was Steve Jobs who was on the phone. In a reference to the film "Jobs" Steve says exactly what I said in another movie: "I'm knowing what is behind this thick, bigoted glasses you are using right now." and screams, "YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT SUCCESS WITH YOUR WINDOWS !!!! EVER !!! NEVER !!!" In "Jobs" Bill remains silent during this fury scene and Jobs of hatred against him and Windows, but in real life and in the film, Bill retorts coarsely: "Dear Steve Jobs: Know that your Macintosh stupid shit is who never does the same success !!! who will pay a high price for a piece of slower walking poop all, huh Jobs? And this ridiculous philosophy, was taken from a book last category of jokes? If people prefer Windows, does not mean that a fruitful flabby and a scrawny who think the landlord shouting at a normal person like me, just because Windows is better than your Macintrash, "and cries out strongly:" and YES wHY yOU HAVE tO IMPROVE aND MUCH THAT SHIT Baguette cOMPUTER, YOU SON OF MOTHER !!! " and the phone hangs up on Bill's face. Then Gates plays the phone on the keyboard and shouts, "I shushed STEVE JOBS, HALLELUJAH !!! ...". and then Microsoft employees look closely at Bill. Gates speaks to employees: "ÃÃ, I ... was detonating the Jobs ..". Across the line, Steve is furious with the incident, and an insane act, playing your iPhone to the window, which in turn breaks on impact. The scene changes to the new Bill's house, in the living room, watching TV, when faced with a shocking news to him the news: "Companies are becoming more technological, and Windows, Microsoft is becoming more back due to its uselessness in business. " and Bill gets up from the chair, saying "But what? I need to take action," and then gets up from his chair, and up the stairs and go upstairs, where is your room and enter it . Back to Microsoft, Gates is in front of a table, explaining to employees:. "Guys, we are getting back because of the company's why I decided to create a new version of Windows, with new technologies and functions to . companies Contemplate Windows NT: This new version enables in all terms, the greatest possible acceleration hardware, ensuring through the new Windows NT Kernel, which companies make 3D animations, huge documents, music or anything else no home computer to do. ", and launches Windows NT for businesses in the same year, leaving the Macintosh back once. After a while, Steve Ballmer, another friend of Bill, is testing with Windows NT 4.0, and then with Windows NT 5.0, next to Gates and Paul. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Microsoft, Bill blurts out the information that is working on a new version of Windows that will surpass all others at once, at the time called Windows Codename "Memphis". Later, in 1995, releases Windows 95, smashing the competition once. Then it launched Windows 98. Later, reaching the 2000s, Gates warns it will launch the "operating system of the millennium" and releases a public beta of Windows called Neptune. In February 2000, launches Windows 2000, still based on Windows NT technology. Later decides to launch Windows ME, and have one of his most famous controversies of all time in Windows history: Besides not being compatible with multiple computers, too fought and was incompatible with everything. Gates, still in 2000, makes a "loophole" for Windows Me, making Windows Whistler, later called Windows XP, and Whistler, more than one Windows 2000 version edited. Later, Gates is another disaster with the system; Launches Windows Vista with an innovative design, but packed with Bugs and Glithes for everyone. Bill makes another "escape" for Windows Vista, launching in 2007, Windows 7, which is nothing more than Windows Vista, but with a new kernel bugs fixed. In 2012, more "inoperable" system is released by Microsoft: Windows 8, with a design more "square" and clean, but confunso and less compatible with older applications. The following year, Windows 8.1, a sort of "Windows 9" in disguise. In 2015, Windows 8.2, an upgrade from Windows 8.1. In 2016, Windows 10, the messier, more problematic and catastrophic history Windows is released, "free."


Bill Gates

It is one of the creators of Windows, and the protagonist of the film. Bill is known to be one of the richest people, famous and intelligent world, and porcrtambém be arrested for monopoly in Microsoft in 1993.

Paul Allen

It's a friend of Bill Gates. They met at a US college computer.

Steve Ballmer

Another friend of Bill. This guy is known to be Microsoft's temporary president in 1993, when Bill was arrested for monopoly at Microsoft.

Steve Jobs

It is the archrival of Bill Gates, and the creator of Apple, Inc., the most valuable company in the world. Jobs only appears in two parts of the film: When he looks at the Gates of victory secretly through the window, and when he will yell at Bill and is surprised by the anger's own Bill on the phone.

Melinda Gates

It is Bill's wife; It has only one appearance in the film. It is a quiet and gentle person, besides being the Bill adviser in difficult times.


Pie in Bill!!!

In an excerpt of the film, Bill is hit by a lemon pie a fan of the Apple while doing an interview with Fox News. In real life, the person who hit the pie in Gates was an ordinary person who did not intend to set the pie in Bill's face, he was distracted by the interview and tripped on a banana, hitting pie. Furthermore, the cake was not lime, but strawberry.

Windows 98 as Crashed!

Another funny scene in the movie: Next to a tester in a Microsoft event, Bill makes Windows driver compatibility tests 98. tester pronounced, "Now, Windows will locate and install the correct drivers," and then Windows 98 displays the Blue Screen of Death at the very moment that the drivers are installed, and all who were there laughed at the scene.

Bill Shows Blue Screen of Death to the World

When taking a picture in a newspaper, the Tablet PC with Windows Vista simply hangs and displays the Blue Screen of Death in infinite loop, not even the photographer have noticed.

Bill goes "on Cane"

Arrested for monopoly within Microsoft, one of the smartest guys in the world goes to jail. The news became a worldwide joke.

Microsoft Bob

Before the movie started, it displays one of the Gates of children playing with old CDs. While we look at the child's left hand, we can see Microsoft Bob logo, program that replaced the Windows 95 graphical user interface for an interactive home run by a dog called "Rex", later being used in the research of Windows XP.

Home Screen

Soon after the display of the Universal Pictures logo, the Windows logo before the time is displayed: The letters "Microsoft" and "Windows" are animated beings that are organized on the scene and emit very similar sounds with monsters or something, making a mockery of the Sony Pictures Animation logo 2012, used in the film "Hotel Transylvania". There is another error at the end of the film: after the screening of Universal Pictures Animation Studios logo is shown again the "Microsoft Windows" logo being lifted by a hook that disappears after a while, and behind the logo you can see a globe with interconnected by several wires around.

There is a small difference in the introduction of Universal Pictures: At one point, the exchange rate music, providing the same sound used in the variant of the film "Luigi's Mansion" based on the game of the same name.


Hello Windows (2008)

Windows Error Remix (2008)

Windows Remix (2011)

Windows 95 Start-up Remix (2011)

XtremeMusik - Windows 8 Remix [Hip-Hop]

Windows 98 Remix (2013)

Windows Longhorn Remix (2013)



Universal Variant

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