MicroNight Tiers is the final game in the MicroNight series. It is for the Nintendo 3DS, and has a new feature: Tiers.


The MicroGames in this game have a new feature, Tiers. With Tiers, you can have up to three different layers of gameplay. Buttons switch around the layers, so for example, there might be a minigame where you want a snake to eat something. To do this, there might be one Tier for each part of the snake - tail, middle, and head. You would switch between them to straighten out the snake so that he doesn't crash into the rocks. There are three different microgame sets and one boss battle.

Captain Simple



  • Snake Chase: This is the example game shown at the top of the MicroGames section.




Riddiance Boss Fight

A boss fight with Riddiance in normal Nightwolf style. He's not too hard.

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