MicroNight SNAP is a game in the MicroNight series. It is only a small game, and it is for the DSi (iLX), and uses the camera. It is similar to WarioWare SNAPPED!


There are three normal games, one two-player game, one easter-egg game and one secret game. That totals to 6 games.

Nightwolf Game (normal)

It takes your faces picture only. These games are simple and easy.

  1. Move your face to the corners of the screen and then make a kissing motion
  2. Move your face so all your facial features are covered by the mask.
  3. Move your face to catch hats.
  4. Blink 3 times
  5. Move your face so Nightwolf doesn't kick you

Future Warrior Game (normal)

It takes your faces picture and your two hands. The games go through an alien base.

  1. Move your hand to open the door
  2. Move your hands to grab the lazer gun and shoot.
  3. Move your face out of the way of the lazer blasts.
  4. Move your hands to cover your face so you don't see the stone-turning sight.
  5. Use your hands to throw bombs at Future Warrior

Nightshadow Game (normal)

It takes your foot and hands picture.

  1. Kick the wall by moving your foot.
  2. Punch the wall with hands.
  3. Combo of 1 and 2
  4. Move your foot to step on the monsters
  5. Kick the Night Beasts and punch Nightshadow!

Humans Game (two-player)

It takes you and your friends hands and face. It is shorter than normal.

  1. High-five your friend.
  2. Karate chop your friend and your friend blocks.
  3. Get both your faces and hands on the screen at the same time

Credits Game (easter egg)

Takes your faces picture. You move it to move the ship. Use hands to blast enemies.

True Tom (secret game)

This game acts like a normal Nightwolf DS battle. It is pretty hard, harder then the battle here but not as hard as this one. It is similar to the first MicroNight Tom battle.


All the toys from the last game are all available. If you defeat True Tom, then you gain a new one, the Vince Doll.


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