Micool the Master
Developer(s) Bouder Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NES
Release Date(s)
1 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included NES Cartridge
Micool the Master is a cancelled game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was going to be released in 1989, but was scrapped due to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System release date closely after and Boulder Games Inc. was struggling to perfect the code.

The NES Cartridge


This game was actually meant to be an RPG instead of a 2-D sidescroller like in Micool's Quest.


Start = Pause

A = Attack

B = Items

Joy/DPad = to move, jump or duck


The story is very similar to Micool's Quest except Micool wasn't royalty, the sword did not have qualities of fire, some of the lines were changed and if you went to a castle and beat the boss, you would get upgrades/items and the game was only 1 player.


Micool = Hero

Gardenia = Damsel in distress

Groudous Maximus = Antagonist


Grabble - HP 5

Grabbleaf - HP 7

Some sort of Ninja Grabble - HP 13

Grabom - HP 9

Stabble = HP 10


Gonard (He was just known as Dragon in the game)

Sanid (A gigantic worm)


Carrot = 30 HP

Potato = 16 HP

Cup of water = 14 HP

Sharpener = Made the sword inflict more damage on enemies


  • Sometimes if Micool used an item, it would not do anything
  • Micool's Attacks may sometimes miss or do nothing as well as common enemies
  • The game would freeze if Micool tried to use the sharpener in battle
  • If Micool jumped into his house once he entered he's be floating near the ceiling and could not get down.

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